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“The banks -- commercial banks and the Federal Reserve -- create all the money of this nation and its people pay interest on every dollar of that newly created money. Which means that private banks exercise unconstitutionally, immorally, and ridiculously the power to tax the people. For every newly created dollar dilutes to some extent the value of every other dollar already in circulation.”

~ Jerry Voorhis

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J Carlton, Calgary

The Federal Reserve is a cancer. It has got to go, along with all the other central (communist) banks owned by the Red Shield Crew...

Byron, Fort Collins, CO

The Fed has been exposed. So . . . what are we gonna do about it? I'd like to see Paul Ryan run for president. He's one of the handful of Congressional representatives with a brain, who's actually doing his job.

Kimo, hawaiian nations

I think we are in deep doo doo. With no way out but revolution, they will not give up power, they are destroying our great country, they conspired with forien powers, sell our lands, and have enslaved the people, but, we all know this dont we? As all think and know, the question is...what do we do? no one has yet answered that. There are some very smart individuals that post here, and the man who created this site ,is the man we should elect as our next president, he has my vote.

Mike, Norwalk

I'm not exactly sure how to rate this. Its statement of facts and conclusions are accurate beyond rebuttal. The reality of the quote gets a thumbs down for what the funny money system has done to this country; and, a 5 stars, innumerable times, for accuracy.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    6/9/11

I rate this quote a 5 star because former Congressman Jerry Voorhis was and is one the few who willingly told the truth about the fiat monetary racket.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

Society is not a zero sum game. If it were, we would all still be grunting in a cave, never to better our selves.

Mike, Norwalk

'A' from Reston, what? You may want to read this quote and then comment on it.

J Carlton, Calgary

Scotch on your Corn Flakes this morning Reston? Your comment is inane and irrelevant....Ah! but I digress... :)

E Archer, NYC

Money creation is a racket -- few have ever learned how it really works. The terms 'credit' and 'securities' have been completely redefined to mean their polar opposites. The lust for power has filled Washington DC with racketeers. Everyone must be in debt in order to survive -- even our own currency is borrowed at interest -- and if people pay back their loans, the money disappears from circulation. Perpetual debt forever. Every president who has tried to return to real money has been killed -- Lincoln, Garfield, Kennedy -- except for Andrew Jackson who got away with a couple bullets in him. The problem cannot be solved by a President -- it will take entire States to balk at federal funds/debt. They may simply start using gold and silver again and kick the federal government out like they should have done a long time ago...

Mike, Norwalk

Archer, Utah is the only State that I am aware of that has officially made gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts (money). Alaska, Arizona, Idaho and a few others got close but as of yet, no cigar.


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