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“You know your country is dying when you have to make a distinction between what is moral and ethical, and what is legal.”

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Mike, Norwalk

The 'one worlder's' would have everyone believe that if they change that which is legal, all else as exists will conform to it. Such is the folly of the empty religious belief in evolution. That which is moral and ethical was set forth by 'The God of Nature' and, it is man's duty to equate his rules of conduct (that which is legal = the law of the land) to that absolute.

Mike, Norwalk

By way of brief example to my above comment: compelled compliance, victimless crimes, license, theft by the many of the individual noble's fruit, forced charity - health coverage - ID are all immoral and unethical enforced legalisms. The man that is truly free is moral and ethical, all else is a legal violation and death.

Joe, Rochester, MI

I'd add coerced, Norwalk. Most law abiding citizens will obey the law of the land, even if immoral or unethical. It's sad when POTUS asks what the definition of "is" is, in order to cloud his impeachable actions.

Logan, Memphis

Well said.

E Archer, NYC

Legal does NOT mean moral or ethical -- that we know from experience only as we are constantly being bombarded with new laws that do nothing but grab more power for the government away from the people.

Ken, Allyn, WA

A German contractor I am working with mentioned just today how we're all probably on the threshold of the prison door and don't even know it, because of all the thousands of import/export laws one has to follow. We're supposed to have a government of laws, not of men; but when corrupt, immoral men make the laws, you should only expect corruption and immorality.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

It is even more on the brink when POTUS (in this case King George W) violates all three...

mick, manchester

Would have to agree with E Archer - it's when that distinction is plainly obvious and skewed to benefit the powerful then society is in trouble.

Mike, Norwalk

A great example of the quote's accuracy is today's California; - where, willfully giving a deadly disease such as AIDS constitutes not much more than "you've been a naughty boy" and, if you somehow don't use a "Mr., Miss, Mrs., Mz, man, women, girl, boy, etc.", as is in current politically correct vogue - you could be spending time behind bars. The last wheezing gurgles of the rotting corpse doesn't sound like it is too far off.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

Ineluctably, when and where Virtue is waning, binding legalism is waxing.


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