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“How wonderful the world might be if only we gave to each other all the love we claim to give to God, a thought which has been expressed time and time again, yet it still manages to resound with a poignance that is almost painful. Such a world can be ours, sisters and brothers. Let us work together to achieve it.”

~ John J. Dunphy

"The Serpent and the Tower," published in The American Rationalist magazine, March-April 1985, (Volume 29, Number 6)

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Mike, Norwalk

I here will not shoot the messenger and his intended underlying meaning (that being from a substantiveless and flawed foundation), but rather let the message stand alone.

E Archer, NYC

A timeless message for 'believers' and 'unbelievers' alike.


Excellent! Yes, Monday morning all is forgotten... As today will be my last retort this year I wish you everyone A Very Happy and Healthy New Year - May 2008 bring you love, peace, and happiness.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

This guy appears to claim to be a Humanist and a Rationalist. If that is so then Jesus is a humanist and a rationalist for he said, "If you love me then love one another." and "Whatever you do for the least of these (children) you do for me." Humanists are often depicted as contrary or opposed to relgion or Christianity. Hey brothers and sisters lets all come together in the New Year and express and act upon our commonality!

Ken, Allyn, WA

This is the goal. Unfortunately human nature too often gets in the way.

warren, olathe

I do believe he meant to give love to each other instead of God. True love is not possible with out God. That would only be tolerance. Understanding your fellow man and having love for your fellow man is made possible through God. He appears jealous of God.

Lamar Cole

Love is the blueprint for happiness.


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