Joseph H. ChoateJoseph H. Choate, (1832-1917) American lawyer, diplomat, attorney who successfully challenged the Income Tax Act of 1894

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“The Act of Congress which we are impugning before you is communistic in its purposes and tendencies, and is defended here upon principles as communistic, socialistic - what shall I call them - populistic as ever have been addressed to any political assembly in the world.”

Joseph H. ChoateJoseph H. Choate
~ Joseph H. Choate

United States Supreme Court, Pollock v. Farmers Loan & Trust Co. (1898)

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Joseph, New Hampshire

See, you can beat these guys every now and again, but they will never stop trying. Every time America has stopped the banks, they return a few years later and try it again. That's why we must be as vigilant as our forefathers. Yes, the banks have the upper hand now, but they can be defeated if enough people become aware of it.

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Odette    2/11/05

This man, like so many others- Marx especially, knew the consequences of our very unstable democracy. He predicted (correctly, I think) that the dialectically "historical formula" would show the slow but sure movement toward complete communism.... somewhere in the reaches of heaven (or hell?) Marx and company must be laughing! Really heartily!!

John-Douglas, Nassau


Joe, NW Indiana

Stop feeding the beast.

Mike, Norwalk

In the Obamunist's quest to implement Nazi style socialism throughout a one world order, he has done more to destroy, freedom, liberty, prosperity, the Constitution, sovereignty and morality in the first few months of office than could have been imagined in a life time.

J Carlton, Calgary

There will come a time when once again Americans will throw tyrants into the sea... or, become slaves. Those are the choices.

warren, olathe

Do you ever get tired of this constant fear mongering of banks? The banks no longer are in control. Obama is not doing bailouts of banks and major industries he is staging a hostile take over. He will be getting rid of presidents and board members of private companies and installing his own. He has started already with the auto industry and will move soon to the banks. This is fascism in disguise. It has been stated by Obama that he will see to it that "his people" will be on the boards of GM. All other recipients of "bail out money" will follow and soon the rest will fall. If Obama succeeds in either destroying the economy or convincing everyone it is destroyed he will have every one where he wants them. When people panic they cease to think. This will continue to play into the hands of the left until we wake up or have no way left to stop it.

libertyjack, NC

I believe it was the Republican wing of the Duopoly party that gave us the "Income Tax".

jim k, austin

Don't forget to send a tea bag to Washington as April 15th approaches.

jim k, austin


Anonymous, Orange county, ca

It started with Obama ? How foolish, you are. Open your eyes, Obama has been in for 1 year, what has happened certainly started before Obama. You are blinded by your fears. UnAmerican also. I bet you all were all behind Bush I and II.

E Archer, NYC

Obama is a puppet just like GWB was. Warren, the central bankers are pulling the strings. Yes, what Obama et al propose is more fascism, made popular by FDR, but the president is not in charge -- he works for the banking system. Obama is Goldman Sachs all the way -- he is Wall Street's boy. Control over everything is the bankers goal -- they really already do own everything, but not all the people have been domesticated as obedient beasts of burden, and THAT is a true danger to their system. It is the SYSTEM that rules. We can get rid of Obama, Bush, Clinton, whomever, but we cannot ever get someone in office that will change the system -- no cost is too high for the rulers to keep the system of servitude going. You can't kill the system as long as it is written in law and enforced by military in various forms. The revolution is in the hearts and minds of the people -- when enough people understand the SYSTEM, then and only then will there be a chance to dismantle it. The repeal of just a few key laws would bring the house of cards down. And we are close, and the rulers know it. How I would love to see it happen in my lifetime.

Mike, Norwalk

The "A" from Orange county with standard liberal gibberish and inaccurate sound bites, most here measures what is going on to a definitive standard of liberty and natural law. Socialism's replacement of law, justice, liberty, freedom, peace and prosperity began long before you were born.

By the time of the War Between the States, the Fabian Socialist Society, the Socialist Labor Party, the Populist Party (advocates of differing communistic applications) and other collective philosophies had become strong influences in national politics (especially in the north one major reason for the split into 2 countries a national union vs a federal confederation). Such a so predisposed Lincoln believed in the concept that government was an entity aloof from individual sovereigns with an entitled life of its own (the northern country needed the southern country's tribute to survive and enlarge). The intangible phantasm required tribute from inferior segments of the whole thus, the mandated enslaving portion of the noble laborers fruits. Labor could no longer be exchanged as barter but was considered uniquely as an excise (government being the ultimate owner and administrator of property inclusive of all life and the means of production and distribution of goods and services). Choate did not argue Pollck v. Farmers Loan & Trust on principles of liberty, natural law or original constitutional understandings but rather, on arguments of competing banker control Wall St. v. central government. The 16th Amendment, clarified by Stanton v. Baltic Mining Co. (the "Sixteenth Amendment conferred no new power of taxation but simply prohibited the previous complete and plenary power of income taxation possessed by Congress from the beginning from being taken out of the category of indirect taxation to which it inherently belonged.") finalized the conceptual argument OR, in other words, the bankers continuing power struggle was settled. Socialism was the system to be used to own and administer everything. (taxing the individual directly is not a direct tax because the intangible phantasm is only extracting the tribute it owns, is rightly due and needs to exist).

Ronw13, USA

It took the exhaustive work, and faithful commitment, guided by the hand of our Creator over the course of thousands of years, to assure that the sacred knowledge of liberty, be preserved for those intended. " Far off." is the term used to convey a future generation ( a nation ) which would rise from obscurity. It is the mode in which its was secure, that, being hid form the corrupt powers of this world. Judgment being passed, two thousands years ago, binding heaven and earth together as one, in unity so making peace with God. Chophshiy Liberty, distinct in purpose granted by a sitting king to his children, Freedom from bondage and tax, at you pleasure. Drowr, So Clear. Now, but that mans or Cannon law taken out of the way, allows for Liberty administered under grace. It is an act of mercy and grace to truly set any subject At Liberty. Coupled with Eleutheria liberty, manumission from slavery and Apeleutheros liberty, access to the presence of God, we as a people are given the right to declare independence before the powers of the world. The Rock upon which our Republic Rest. Knowledge is power as also strength of Faith. It is a fool who puts his trust in man, this our Founding Fathers new O so well. This is the Foundation and argument, not open for debate. But to be Stood upon. ! Cleaning house is an understatement of intent !


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