Katherine MansfieldKatherine Mansfield, (1888-1923) New Zealand author

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“True liberty can exist only when justice is equally administered to all.”

Katherine MansfieldKatherine Mansfield
~ Katherine Mansfield

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J Carlton, Calgary

There's a novel thought. How about Congress and the Senate being just as accountable as everybody else?

jim k, Austin

Here's a thought. How about our "leaders", those fine folk in our Congress living under the same laws thet the rest of us live under. They should get Social Security when they leave office and not the fat retirement benefits they currently get. Here's an idea, this Obamacare nonsense they are doing there damndest to force on us, let them have the same "health care" and no more, should this ever be passed. Naturally the kings and queens in the Congress want NO part of it, but it will be fine and dandy for their serfs, us, to have.

E Archer, NYC


cal, lewisville, tx

We need the "Magna Carta" here in America-laws that even the monarchy and subjects in DC have to obey as well.

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Anon    3/2/10

If we can get back to what the quote speaks of it would be like breathing in fresh air again.

Waffler, Smith

Thus Libety and Equality must prevail and let us not forget the ever popular fraternity.

Ronw13, Idaho

Swing sets on the WH lawn. Fraud and corruption have run rampant for far to long ! 

Mike, Norwalk

Justice is an unalienable pillar in the definition and experience of liberty. A good example is the current state of affairs where the the most heinous of inmates are running the prison.


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