Lao-TzuLao-Tzu, [Li Erh] (570-490 BC) 'Old Sage', Father of Taoism

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“Mastering others is strength. Mastering yourself is true power.”

~ Lao-Tzu

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Mike, Norwalk

I like it, A LOT

watchman13, USA

If one can rebuild with worn out tools, you might be a man. The secular elite behind the curtain show their hand. Allowing our enemy and there warring nature, childish, spoiled brats, punks, Islamist take the helm. We are a Nation founded upon Christian fundamentals and principals. World interest by corp elites and the fight for domination of markets created, corralling youth, to let run a-muck, our nation into the ground. As full grown parents, the ability to say no and mean it, is what we need now more than ever before. Show some backbone. We do not need punk ass children with out any moral fiber, at the helm of our ship. Who ever you are in the wings, step up and take control. We do not need the likes of Clintons, Bushes or any such that would compromise. Sick minded elites we do not need. They spit in the face of all that is decent. I have never seen so many who should not be in a position of authority. we need Patton at the helm right now.!!
Knowing the time to back Israel is close at hand, our enemy let within weakens our fiber and Constitution, both personal and national. treason among the highest offices. Step up please, true leader, masters of ones self. Remove the punks and bleeding hearts, and right this ship, and trim the sails !!

cal, lewisville, tx

Many say that Ron and Rand Paul are isolationists, but they realize we need to get our house in order first and not worry about the inner affairs of others.

watchman13, USA

Not assertive enough to drive the point home. Time for debate is over. This is not a time of peace we are in. But a time to take action before the house burns down to the ground. Separation is a good thing, like fences, make good neighbors. To realize is one thing, but to act is another. When action is taken, the enemy will shoot at those in office. We need backbone not degrees in passiveness. Then our armed guards will know who to protect.

E Archer, NYC

Americans used to be known for their self-sufficiency and self-determination. I have traveled and worked abroad for years, and I can tell you, that is not what the outside world thinks of us now -- they see the US as loud, arrogant power-mongers that have assumed their own correctness in every one else's affairs, an unchecked super-power. And the American people are seen as ignorant of anyone or anything else outside of themselves -- and you should see how Americans act in other people's countries! I apologize wherever I go...

watchman13, USA

Yes and many Americans, Tempted overseas, as well at home also. We are termed a foolish nation, young, easily tempted. Self-sufficient yes, determination, when following a cause. To many TV's with to much run a-muck imagination.
Puffed up minds, influenced by elite media agendas. Think about orphans turned out on the street at age fourteen, by the catholic church in Peru. Life is cheap and replaceable. Burdening all third world countries. The world knows we are being humbled by our own foolishness. But that will temper our resolve to right ourselves.

Don Lee, Reno

Christ said nothing less here then Lao. This is a natural law. 


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