Marcus Tullius CiceroMarcus Tullius Cicero, (106-43 B.C.) Roman Statesman, Philosopher and Orator

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“The men who administer public affairs must first of all see that everyone holds onto what is his, and that private men are never deprived of their goods by public men.”

Marcus Tullius CiceroMarcus Tullius Cicero
~ Marcus Tullius Cicero

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Graham, on an Island off NZ

Brilliant as long ago as that , before BC Makes our thinkers of the day pretty redundant huh?

J Carlton, Calgary

Natural Law and Property Rights are timeless concepts...But then again, so is tyranny.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Public men rob citizens of their property on a daily basis from the wonderful people in D.C. all the way down to local governments. Imminent domain is one of the most popular methods being used today. Restrictive licensing laws are another method to prevent people from doing business. The best group fighting this sort of thing today is The Institute for Justice. They don't just write papers and articles, they do something about these injustices.

Gary Enright, Weston, MO

Excellent! Keep repeating the GREAT quotes from all eras. Maybe enough of us common people will rise up and take back control of this country.

Mike, Norwalk

Such was a foundational principle at law of the once representative republic. The individual sovereign's representatives have been replaced by disassociated third party despots. The statist theocracy occupying the once constitutional republic claims right to all property while recognizing no private ownership of anything.

dick, fort worth

Such statements as these without further elaboration are a waste of time. Another great man of antiquity, an Athenian named Solon literally saved the life of his city from revolution by devaluating its currency, reducing all personal debts (although he himself was a creditor), ending imprisonment for debt, and instituting a graduated income tax which made the rich pay at a rate twelve times that of the poor. As a result Athens became stronger and more democratic.

Krista, Palm Springs

Tell that to the Predatory Capitalists, the Spanish, and the Europeans, who 500 years ago, stole the lands from the rightful owners, the indiginous people of earth, and then called themselves the rightful owner, showing a peice of paper as prroof! And backing up their claims with military might. They had to murder and displace or make slaves of the people who used those lands for thousands of years, then they cried that the "socialists" were stealing those same lands from them. haha Globalism was born, and both the dems and the repubs are in on the deal as I type this......Imperialism and colonialism are being shoved down the rest of the planets throat, by the neo-cons and the neo-liberals.......war war and more the name of peace, no less! I would love to see nonpredatory Capitalism practiced, but I cannot find any time in the last 500 years, any where on the globe that it has, without WAR, and inhumane actions toward the people of earth that have the same claims to the land as the Capitaists do! Maybe Ron Paul can turn this sick world around?? We shall see?

Robert Edwards, somewhere in the USA

Such as the IRS, tax collectors, and the medical/health insurance  thieves. 


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