Margaret MeadMargaret Mead, (1901-1978) American cultural anthropologist and author

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“My grandmother wanted me to have an education, so she kept me out of school.”

Margaret MeadMargaret Mead
~ Margaret Mead

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Mike, Norwalk

My thoughts for my children, but it doesn't work for everyone. Those that must have their children taught by someone else should pay for their own (not always by monetary means).

Kevin Shearer

Life IS the Teacher's Teacher, and a good student Never stops learning.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

It is wonderful for children to have such talented parents. Many don't but we can learn and should learn from all with whom we come into contact. I heard Margaret Mead speak on my college campus. I thus looked up to her. Was disappointed later when I heard that her studies and conclusions about South Pacific culture were pretty much debunked.

jim k, austin

Smart grandmother.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Margaret Mead's magnum opus was "Coming of Age in Samoa". It was widely published and accepted as true. Derek Freeman says "Mead's book stands as the worst example of self-deception in the history of behavioral science, She was dead wrong about everything she said about Samoan culture." What does this tell us about education from Grandma?

E Archer, NYC

Grandmothers used to have a lot more pull in the old days -- now we just send them to institutions to live out their days. Waffler, you are always so quick to parrot stuff you know nothing about. You neither read her book or even know who Freeman is -- and yet you pass on someone else's opinion as fact. Your experience of her is real, someone else's opinions are someone else's. Think and reason for yourself -- at least Margaret Mead did that.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

You have flipped Archer. Go back studying your gold standard. I know as much about her as you do. Your brow beating tyrannical dictating style does not befit a site dedicated to Liberty. You want to tell the world what to watch, what music to listen to everything else ad nauseam. You are as much about Liberty as well I just don't know what. I never said it was a fact anymore then Liberty-tree says these quotes are facts.

E Archer, NYC

Waffler, your response is typical. The only thing I am commenting on is Mead's quote and people's comments about it. I don't make claims about her, nor do I use others' hearsay to post as my own opinion. Your tidbit about Mead contributed nothing -- just a way for you to keep talking and try to sound smart (or like a smart-alec mostly). I know you don't know about Liberty so you cannot say how much I am or am not about it. I cannot recall ever telling you what to watch or listen to (much less "the world") -- I do however agree that turning off CNN, and other mainstream media for a while will loosen the hold of the constant barrage of propaganda blaring day and night ad nauseum. I do not know how you can claim that I wish to dictate ANYTHING to anyone -- in fact, my comments are against coersion of any kind and for the free expression and developent of the individual without interference from 'educators,' government, missionaries, and 'officials.' But I digress -- go back to your TV and Funk & Wagnals like a good little boy.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

One did not have to read Mead to know of her book its tremendous influence and her rise and fall. You only had to go through the last 30 years with your eyes open. Obviously Archer you did not and you do not have your eyes open now. I will take the smart alec comment as a tremendous compliment. Your Pol Pot mentality is frustrating. You always cast aspersions on pop culture, TV etcetera. If a people are not free to pick their culture then what the hell is freedom all about.

Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

Archer, I am glad I sound smart and don't sound like an opionated bull shitter. Go back to your Pol Pot, Gold Standard studies etcetera. Thanks for being my enemy, I am here to get you to become honest.

E Archer, NYC

What, did you just wiki that, Waffler? Pol Pot? LOL! What a twisted world you must live in to be able to think Liberty is Despotism. If anyone's opinons on this site resemble a communist dictator, they are yours, not mine. Only you would consider being called smart-alec a compliment (by the way, smart-alecs aren't actually smart, they just think they are.)

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    Anonymous    5/28/08

    Smart Grandmother. My mother used to say, "Before my kids went to school they were very smart; but after they started school they became such dummies."

    Waffler, Smith, Arkansas

    With your anti school, anti college, anti university, anti society, and telling people how to spend their time, anti pop culture you remind me of a Pol Pot type mentality with his burnt earth policies. A smart alec is a person who is offensively smart. The offense is in the eye of the beholder. It is easy to offend you with truth and facts and I will surely keep doing it. Your welcome you ungrateful rogue!

    E Archer, NYC

    Waffler, I am not any of those things -- I am pro-society but anti-coersion. I am pro-Liberty and thus pro personal responsibility as is the blessing of a true sovereign who rules none but himself. The best education I ever got, I paid for (in more ways than one). Developing skills to compete in the workforce was my purpose to go to university -- I was paying for it, so I chose what I needed to learn. I don't need to pay to have someone tell me to read a book. Waffler, this may come as a surprise to you, but I honestly have never thought you were smart -- it hasn't even crossed my mind.

    jb v
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    jb v    4/3/10
    Mike, Pleasant Hill

    Wow, That SPLAT I am hearing has to be Wafflers intellectual intestines hitting the floor as a result of Archers eviscerating cut.

    Sometimes the exchanges here are better than reading the quotes.

    cal, lewisville, tx

    Mike, Waffler has provided some great entertainment for us all.


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