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“In ancient Babylon, Sumeria, Egypt, China, Greece, and Rome, for instance, price controls promoted not fairness but famine. During the twentieth century, central banks were supposed to help safeguard economies, but they brought on the worst inflations and depressions. Alcohol and drug prohibition, intended to enforce moral behavior, contributed to escalating violence.”

~ Marisa Manley

Why Laws Backfire, THE FREEMAN, p. 545, August 1996.

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Edd E, Portland, Oregon, USA

So does this mean what i think it means, that she's saying anarchy is the solution to society's ills?

J Carlton, Calgary

You can not control people's natural behaviour where it comes to free enterprise, in fact you "shouldn't". And you can not legislate morality. Edd...less government doesn't automatically mean anarchy. That's what a "justice system" is for. And we should get one of those too.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Nixon tried wage and price controls and it resulted in shortages of nearly everything and was a disaster to the nations economy. Rent control is a good example and always results in shortages of housing. Alcohol and drug prohibition is, and has always been, a disaster, creating more problems and solving none.

Mary - MI
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Mary - MI    7/18/11

Edd E in Portland -- It is not the place of government to decide or control an individuals personal actions and choice. If someones actions harm another property or person then they will have to confront a decision in the courts "judicial system" and not through social engineering of life-style. Government will never be able to legislate us into a Utopia - but if allowed it will legislate us unlawfully into socially engineered slavery! Our U.S. constitution was promulgated to protect the people from government usurping and violating our unalienable rights and choice. Take a gander at Article 1, Section 8 that details the authority and limits placed on the U.S. Congress.

Gauran, Plano Tx

During WW II price controls worked very well. Not perfect, but they did work. I know, I am a WW II veteran. The reason Nixon's price controls did not work is, they were purposely designed to fail. That was the intention.

Mike, Norwalk

Edd E, Its about natural law (the law of nature or of nature's God) and the violation or breach thereof. A representative republic being a united expression of individual sovereigns. The expression (government), being unable to lawfully do that which each and every, any and all individuals can not do, does not mean anarchy, it means neither you, I, or we in concert can lawfully tell a third party what life style to live or, what to charge for products or services

Mike, Norwalk

Gauran, price controls during WWII either got rid of the products and services fixed, kept such alive through subsidizing, virtually nationalized and operated at a loss, or, was otherwise compensated for.

Waffler, Smith

The lady obviously never heard of the boom and bust cycles of the 1800's throughout the industrialized world before there was central banking. A very shallow analysis she gives here.

E Archer, NYC

The ignorance is yours, Waffler, for central banking destroyed a great many nations during the 1800s. Jefferson killed the first bank during his tenure and Andrew Jackson killed the second bank which ruined millions. Even the War Between the States was backed by central banks -- Bank of England and Bank of France (both controlled by the Rothschilds), and it's been postulated that Lincoln's assassination may have been backed by the Rothschilds because Lincoln was printing his own 'greenbacks' instead of borrowing fiat currency from their banks ad infinitum. Interest-bearing fiat currency has always been the bankers trick for seizing the wealth and power of a nation. Study some history.

Bobble, No. Ferrisburgh, VT

I guess I need to buy your written explanation: stating what happens in a particular setting isn't "Why Laws Backfire" ! .. it's merely stating that laws backfire. BIG DEAL !

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Any law of man implemented contrary to God's natural laws will Backfire. Cause and effect. Waffler's supposed ignorance never ceases to amaze. Knowing well he caters to the money changers. The quote is stand alone commonsense . No sooner than We as a nation of declared sovereign individuals began, the banking industry had us in their sights. A democratic process with open borders allows for emigrant overthrow, when leadership is in the pockets of the banks. Loyalty to the buck !! And not your fellow human beings Liberty ! Divide and Conquer is even older than the hills. Look around at society to see the selfishness promoted by so-called independence. Inheritance lost, through property and payroll tax, inflationary tactics. family members fretting over personal assets rather than the family unit as a whole. TELL ME, how many times do fathers and mothers need to reinvent the wheel and provide a home for their children and grandchildren THAT CAN NOT BE TAKEN AWAY !! For most being so far removed from the intended purpose of life, Liberty and Freedom are words with no meaning, this by way of social engineering and miss directed patriotism. Makes me mad as hell and sickening to think about it !! Swing sets for the treasonous tyrannical trash, occupying our houses of leadership ! State and Fed. What happens with a very cluttered dirty house, no one wants to clean it up !!

Mike, Norwalk

Ronw13, well said


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