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“[T]he Swiss people are the best practitioners of the ideals of non-aggression. The Swiss national government posts are parttime positions. Most decisions are made at the canton (state) level. Swiss per capita income is the highest in the world, showing that non-aggression pays. How did the Swiss come to adopt a relatively non-aggressive constitution in an aggressive world? In the mid-1800s, they imitated our constitution and stuck with it!”

~ Dr. Mary J. Ruwart

Healing Our World, Ch 22

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Dr. Tom LaMar, Keeseville, NY

The Swiss are just pulling a bait and switch with such a statement to explain their high "income" levels. They simply are the world's money "stash" to hide from taxes, etc. and enough rubs off on them as that kind of "chosen" people. Non-agression? Who wants to try to conquer a country of such mountains; we're having trouble enough in Afghanistan; besides, it's been set up as a super-playground for the rich anyway, who wouldn't "allow" war there...might even find that the height of some of those mountains is due to "gold props" holding them up ! I hope the IRS keeps up the pressure on such off-shore tax evasions, but also extends it to the super-rich, not just some of we upper-middle types (really, "wine lot" tax evasion?; what else next?).

Mike, Norwalk

Agree, in principle with much of Dr. Tom's statement (Switzerland is a good ole boy network - contrary to public opinion, not necessarily healthy to anyone else) but, everyone's owning and proficiency at weapons, protecting what they believe to be 'rights', goes along in supporting Ruwart's assessment. I hope and wish all avoiders and evaders success, domestically and foreign, against the criminal organization (IRS), it being but one of the malignancies destroying this once free land (stop the at-law criminal activities of the super rich; and, end the Fed, the IRS, and all other destructive and otherwise poisonous vegetable soup pollutions to this once free land).

jim k, Austin,Tx

Dr Tom's hope that the IRS "keeps up the pressure" is like hoping that Al Capone would keep up the pressure on the businesses they "protected" back in Chicago.

Dr. Tom LaMar, Keeseville, NY

Glad to see you are all on target with the good 'ol IRS/16th/"Federal reserve" criminals (IMO also); just testing the waters. If enough of us get on board, as with the RPs, Kucinich (111th, HR6550), Sanders etal., there might be a chance to save the nation, sorta. I just couldn't miss the chance to condemn the fact that the IRS only picks on "we the little people", just as JP Morgan, GS, Rockefelers, etal. intended. Am studying Eliz. Warren, brave, smart, truly American lady who may make a difference. Not sure how the double entry thing is happening.

Wayne, Naples

I know non-aggression is not for everybody, but do not knock it when it works for some. Please.

J Carlton, Calgary

Sinse it seems to be a topic of discussion, I'd like throw in a clarification of what "Income tax" really is. Far too many of us believe that Income tax is used to maintain or creat infrastructure, ie: build roads, hospitals etc... It is not. Infrastructure is implemented by the Government taking loans from the Federal Reserve, Bank of Canada, England, Australia and so forth. None of these institutions are owned by the Governments there. These Central Banks are all branches of the World Bank, all of which is privately owned. In other words we borrow money for literally everything from private bankers loyal to no country. This money is invented from thin air and has no inherent value. BUT! The arrangements is and has always been that the Private bankers would collect the debt directly from the tax payers through the various tax collection agencies which are also not owned by any Government and are beholden only to the (private) Central Banks. And your income tax dollar goes only to service the "interest"...let that sink in...the interest on the loans that came out of thin air. We are being forced to give up our income to a group of private Bankers who invented the money loaned in the first place. It's a Ponzi Scheme of the highest order. End the Fed...... If anyone has any corrections or further input, I welcome it.

Raymond George, Buffalo, NY

Ditto to Mike and Jim K. Growing up thinking how there was honor in warring parties not to invade a neutral nation and then later in life to see that they (the elite banksters from said neutral nation) actually funded both warring parties says a lot about being blinded by the obvious, revelation (the truth will set you free) and our educational system.

kimo, lahina

Im tired, ill just say im down wit J carlton has it right too, a ponzi scheme for sure.h mike

Ronw13, Oregon

"Art thou called being a servant? care not for it: but if thou mayest be made free, use it rather. For he that is called in the Lord, being a servant, is the Lord's freeman: likewise also he that is called, being free, is Christ servant. Ye are bought with a price; be not ye the servants of men." 7th, bk, 7th, ch, 21st to 23rd, verse, NT kjb.
Lev 25: 35 thru 43 as to follow up the intended position of being made Free from oppression. 


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