Milton FriedmanMilton Friedman, (1912-2006) Nobel Prize-winning economist, economic advisor to President Ronald Reagan, "ultimate guru of the free-market system"

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“One role of prohibition is in making the drug market more lucrative.”

Milton FriedmanMilton Friedman
~ Milton Friedman

America's Drug Forum interview (1991)"America's Drug Forum" (1991)

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Mike, Norwalk

An observation that is astute in the obvious. In association with what I manufacture, there are certain goods (of higher quality than is available in the good ole U.S. of Amerika) that I can not acquire. I have to settle for the more expensive - lower quality - not the exact fit protected product made locally. To make a better product at a lower cost just isn't the occupying statist theocracy's way of doing things.

J Carlton, Calgary

When someone manufactures a product for public consumption that may cause a host of adverse side effects they are playing Russian Roulette with peoples lives. And that is a criminal offense if the product is manufactured in a bath tub or basement. But if it's done in a labratory by a company that is paying the FDA to fast track an's ok. I know that's a little off topic, but it should be noted that if the Government can make money from Big Pharma and its experimental drugs while giving itself more control and police authority in the "War on Drugs" it will do so. All for the greater good...of the Government.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Prohibition never works, almost everyone knows this, even the slugs in our congress. This being the case, why on earth do we have this "War on Drugs". Someone(s) up there must be making a ton of money on this and ain't it a great way to control folks. And governments always need a "war" of some kind to keep the sheep in the pen.

L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada

If Freidman was advising Reagan why didn't he listen to him; but instead continue with the policies that have lead to near destruction of the socio-economic fabric of the US and A.

E Archer, NYC

Prohibition doesn't work if you believe its purpose is to end drug use. However, prohibition DOES work if it is used to make government more and more powerful in the name of 'security.' When alcohol prohibition ended, all these police agencies needed something to do -- god forbid we disband any army. SO they came up with a new monster -- little did most congressmen realize that by making marijuana illegal, they killed their hemp industry -- and they were unable to repeal this legislation once it was on the books.

J Carlton, Calgary

L Hanson, That's a great question. The answer sadly applies to all presidents. They don't have any real power, they are figure heads. The real power comes from the international bankers, The Federal Reserve, The banks of England, Aus. NZ, and yes...Canada are all owned by a private corporation that pulls all the strings. Sounds far fetched to most, but it is a researchable fact. Look what happened to Kennedy 8 days after he signed a bill giving Congress back the power to issue currency...We all know Kennedy was not killed by a lone gun man, he was assassinated in a very well coordinated murder. Research the Rothschilds and a book called the Creature from Jekyll Island. It's all verifiable history.

Cal, Lewisville, TX

Where in the constitution did the feds find the right to control drugs within our borders? It's a state issue.

luis, panama

excelente la droga no es solo negocio para los traficantes sino seguramente para muchos que dicen estar luchando contra ella

Mike, Norwalk

luis, Gracias dijo bien pero, en el futuro, porfavor escriba en ingls para que todos, mas que yo, puedan entender.


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