Myra Janco Daniels Quote

“Every private citizen has a public responsibility.”

~ Myra Janco Daniels

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Mike, Norwalk

Each sovereign may have a moral obligation or duty which is valid and binding in the forum of the conscience but, is not recognized by the law as adequate to set in motion the machinery of justice; that is, one which rests upon ethical considerations alone, and is not imposed or enforced by positive law.

cal, lewisville, tx

Agreed. Every private citizen has the responsibility of caring for themselves and not being a public burden.

E Archer, NYC

Collectivist drivel. We are each responsible for the condition and quality of our lives. The first 'public' responsibility is to take responsibility for oneself. Then I am in the position to 'serve' the public causes I wish to. There is no obligation to follow someone else's idea of a 'public' responsibility.


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