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“If the New World Order agenda is not realized by the terrorist attacks on America and if Americans don’t agree to give up their weapons and relinquish their sovereignty to the New World Order, the next attack will be the use of chemical, biological and/or atomic warfare against the American people. The architects of the New World Order will not hesitate to use as a last resort an atomic or hydrogen bomb in a major American city.”

~ New York Times

Reference Op Ed page, New York Times, 24 Sept. 2001

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J Carlton, Calgary

Give me liberty or give me death. ~ Patrick Henry

J. Allen, Arlington, Va

It is more important that the NY Times be exposed for their socialist commentary being disguised as news.

Times, is rigged

seriously , a NY times op ed quote? who cares?

cal, lewisville, tx

I like Mark Levine's naming them The New York Slimes. Even New Yorkers must not care that much for them giving their financial fall these last few years.

Wayne, Naples

There is no need to use big bombs when we are destorying ourselves with internal corruption, high taxes, and many regulations.

jim k, Austin, Tx

This was on the Op Ed page and was simply stating a real possibility. It wouldn't surprise me if the current administration caused a calamity in order to declare martial law in this country. I wouldn't put anything past this Obamunist bunch.

Waffler, Smith

There is no such thing as The New World Order. Bush the first used the phrase in a speech soon after becoming Prez. It was simply a recognition in the early '90's that the world was changing after the fall of the Berlin Wall etcetera. Relax there is a new world order constanly. "The times they are a changing" get use to it.

nickel, Baltimore, MD USA

Waffler Smith should talk to George Soros about his "New World Order" and ask him where the ovens are this time.

dick, fort worth

Waffler is right as usual.

Mike, Norwalk

Again, not sure how to rate this or comment on it with stars. 5 Stars for accuracy (a rarity for the rag in question) and a thumbs down for what is being perpetrated on this land.

Byron, Fort Collins

jim k of Austin, Wayne of Naples, you are spot on!!! ___Actually, this quotation sounds CRITICAL of the NWO.___Constant references by eco-zombies to "The Planet", as opposed to *countries* denigrates native cultures and presumes that all of us inhabitants of "The Planet" will, of course, subscribe to the NWO, of which eco-zombies are the pot-addled, naive tools.

Chuck, Rockville

Just the opposite is true. Unless we create a new world order...where human rights (freedom and justice for all) reigns supreme over national sovereignty (where might makes right -law of the jungle)...those who lack freedom and justice...will acquire the technology to create massive disorder. The dual use nature of all technology makes it impossible to disarm anyone. All must live free...or life as we know it will perish.

Chuck Newman, Garrett, IN

This just makes those who are paranoid, even more paranoid. Then they go around saying, "IT HAS TO BE TRUE. IT IS IN THE NEW YORK TIMES!" It is an opinion in the New York Times. Everyone has their own opinion, and this one just happens to be WRONG!!!

dick, fort worth

Waffler is right as usual.

Todd, Huntington WV

Hitler used the term New Order back in his hayday..just sayin

leslie, corpus christi

Think about it. The environmentalists want to reduce the worlds population down to 1 billion. What better way than to knock out populations thru an above ground nuclear explosion. Theres alot of articles out right now about EMP explosions knocking out our electrical grid. If you have no electricity you no pumps to pump gas into trucks to bring foods to the grocery store. Theres alot of articles on the Iranians doing it but I know better. DC is making plans to protect itself but the rest of the nation...too bad. Grow gardens or load up on the canned foods.


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