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“An unconstitutional act is not law; it confers no rights; it imposes no duties; affords no protection; it creates no office; it is in legal contemplation, as inoperative as though it had never been passed.”

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J Carlton, Calgary

Well if that's true, I guess the folks in New Orleans had the right to shoot the Blackwater people trespassing and violating their property rights by stealing their guns, because that was a completely unconstitutional act perpetrated by a police state type of authority. Completely UN American.

Mike, Norwalk

J Carlton, great example.

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RBESRQ    12/11/09

That's better!

cal, lewisville, tx

Great example J Carlton

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    Judith    12/11/09

    It would, therefore, seem that the Patriot Act would also be inoperative.

    Mike, Norwalk

    Judith, point taken and you would be right if the statist theocracy that now infests this land would adhere to our representative republic's Constitution.

    J Carlton, Calgary

    Thanks guys....sadly though it wasn't just Blackwater. It was also the Natioanl Gaurd and the NOPD. Makes ya wonder just how far our paramilitary outfits will go on government orders doesn't it?

    Logan, Memphis, TN

    Lex injusta non est lex.

    Mike, Norwalk

    ahh Logan, you do expose your self, very well said! ! OR you could have said for the rest of us, just a simple: 'an unjust law is no law at all' Great legal foundation to implement a representative republic that expresses natural law (as is contrary to despotism, and tyranny). Nice to see you back, you should chime in more often.

    Waffler, Smith

    While obviously correct we must realize that that it sometimes takes years to determine if an act or law is unconstitutional. For an individual to make such a judgement and then disobey the law a law that hee questions is an unconstitutional act in and of itself since only the Surpreme Court can legally make such a judgement. See ya in court!

    Sky Eyes Mykyyah, Spring, Texas 77386

    "No law has ever been Passed" - Supreme Court . Nor can be Passed" the right to open carry a survival handy sidearm has never been Changed due to no law has been Passed since 1780 Supreme Courts (Court's' ) Google "Bliss Vs Commonwealth Zerillo Cockrun at 402 FEEdom Vs FREEdom" Then read all the comments THEN you will have eyes to see. Google Urban Group for Open carry in Texas" Where there is no Law there (There) is no violation then sue the police dept via Federal Court How? Google "Theater Patron arrested open carrying won $21,000."Google "Hafer Vs Melo 90-681" "Officer deprives a citizen of right is Liable..." Sue the Nazi Bastards Google " Bivens Vs Six agents 403 US 388 1971 Stop believeing lies that they have Passed a no open carry law Period. - I Am That I Am The' Truth' No Law Has Been Passed

    Sky Eyes Mykyyah, Spring, Texas

    "No law that would make it a violation to open carry a sidearm has been Passed" What does the word "Void" mean? Google Legal Definition of "Void" means never became never flew never got concieved in any Senators or State Represenatives Mind to begin with" Google Void stop being Ignorant. "only if you are a Felon it is required to have a Permit , license to open carry a handgun" in a State. A license is for to be able to do that which otherwise is against the law" ? Are Ye a Fellon? Google "Cockrun Vs The State Tex at 402 " = "no Law has been Passed" Google "The People Vs Zerillo" Google " Bliss Vs Commonwealth" now Apply the definition of Void . "Arrested on a nothing based on a nothing means nothing , no violation "Where there is no law there is no violation" Who convenced you they passed a law? Open carrying is never been Illegal Your favorite Senator at your capital is a deciever he is a lawyer he full well has always known the definition of Void. Wake up Ye Ignoramousses"

    Sky Eyes Mykyyah, Spring, Texas

    Search out " Gun Group Targets Texas for Open Carry (non) Law" Google this read the Comments and See SEE

    Sky Eyes Mykyyah, Spring,texas

    People do not have to wait for it to go to The Supreme Court. Stop Being Dumed down It already has went to The Supreme Court'S' Just refuse to be stupid any longer any more See for your self Google "Bliss Vs Commonwealth" Google "The People Vs Zerillo" Google "John Cockrun Vs The State Tex at 402" Is two witnesses enough for you? Is three witnesses enough for you? Is one Supreme Court Enough for You ! !

    Satan, Hellexance, RedHell

    "We have decieved these Stupid people, we got them all in a state of mind that they all are Felons therefore they don't have Rights to carry a survival handy sidearm for self defence"- We The Elite Senators- Represenatives by way of our father 'satan' we got them where we want to keep them dumded down real stupified Yea!

    Satan, Hellexance, RedHell

    "We have decieved these Stupid people, we got them all in a state of mind that they all are Felons therefore they don't have Rights to carry a survival handy sidearm for self defence"- We The Elite Senators- Represenatives by way of our father 'satan' we got them where we want to keep them dumded down real stupified Yea!

    Sky Eyes Mykyyah, Spring, texas

    What does a Supreme Court Ruling Imply? What does the Legal word "void" Imply when a Supreme Court Rules it to be Imply? What does the word "FREE " Imply? What is it about the word FREE that you don't understand? Are ye a FEEman or a FREEman ? Do you live in FEEdom or In FEEdom? Do you love paying ( Bowing dow ) money to be able to do something only a Felon would be required to do, an UnFREE man, a FREEman is Never Required to buy a right which is always eternally FREE, what is it about the word 'FREE ' that you don't understand? Are ye going to keep on clamering for FEEdom"We want Law , Need a permit way a license way to do it" Ye fools of Whimpville, ye stupified down go away from us in peace just go away period.

    Mykyyah, Spring texas

    Texas Senators,Texas Representatives, D. A.s , The Governor and Your great wonderfull J. P. All of Them are Not of "The Texan Dream" Not of The Texan Faith , they all also are anti The American Dream. As soon as all the Men won the War over England 'These men met and wrote papers , signed them to make A Law Aganst any man that Carried or Wore openly or concealed a Long Knife or a Handy Survival Sidearm and that all those who would be Representatives and Senators could no longer carry their Pocket Pistols, That from now on it is a crime to be able to stop an attacker, Now every one take you handarms home so the newly formed Police won't arrest you, for you shall be fined , however if you will give you new govt a certain sum of money We Of Course Will By ALL Means Create WAY just fof You, We Now Have become Your Godfather pay us for Insurance AND We will keep the Police From Breaking your arm, and if you bow to Complience volunteraly we shall see to it no fish wrapped in news paper is delivered to you, Now this find day of july 13 1776 we know full well Ye all shall be Secretly treated as Felons just like the real Felons AREN'T We All glad to have this our new Government in full police FORCE, don' Worry, We will wear the guns FOR you, We Will Shoot the Fireworks FOR you every July the 4th We have Provided a deal you can't refuse, cheer up it could be worst we could become Sociallist ( if Red China and Russia will come up with Money) Just think "We'd be National Socialist like our Father 'Nazism' No Fret We Will work it out" FOR THE CHILLDREN"

    Mykyyah Sky Eyes, Spring Texas TimeForMeToMoveOutOfTexas

    There is only Four States which Treat their Citizens not as Secret Felons when they have not comitted their first felony Crime. Google Four States which Alow Unalienable Rights open and conceal carry ( No Permission [Permit] Required, No Crime Syndicate (State) Fee by FEEMen, these four States are pro "FREEmen" these have rebuked that FEEmen, FEEdom hate mentality, now they believe in 'The Wyoming Dream', The....dream 4 States only now. Are Ye Living in the Wrong State? Have you Anallized that? If You hace not comitted your first felony yet WHY are decieving yourself , wake up you are NOT living in an "Unalienable Rights" Zone BUT a Constitutionan Free Zone Texas is a Despot State, New Jersey, New York and California these all are Despot States. If you are born in Texas you are born a secret First Class Felon, the Second Class Felon is the class of felon that actually comitted a crime. HOW CAN THIS BE ? " A citizen is allowed to exersize their Right to open an conceal carry a survival handy sidearm up until they have comitted their first felony, ALL Rights allowed, no Constitutional Free zone for a non- felon BUT not so for a Felon. The Question is ,when were you convicted of your first Felony? Google "Lewis v. U.S., 445 US 95 "Ruled that a person enjoys a fundamental right to openly and concealedly Sidearms up until his first conviction for a felony offense." Are you a felon? In A State LikeTexas. NY, N J you are secretly considered a Felon if you were born there, if you cross their State line to get in. Again Are You living in the Right State? You do not have Rights to FREEdom in Texas, N Y ect. Google "Hafer vs Melo" Why? You can Sue State Officials which 'Deprive ' a citizen of a Right , These outlaws are Liable . "Only A first Class (Secret) Felon is required to buy a license or to obtain permision to exercize a right, a "Privilege" is not a Right duh! A Right cannot be sold or bought, "A Right Requires No Permision" "Where There Is No Law There is No Violation" "No Law Has Ever Been Passed to make it a crime [Violation] to openly wear and to cover carry a survival handy sidearm" Never Forget the Legal Deffinition of VOID , Never Forget "John Cockrun v. The State Tex 24 at 402" Keep in mind '402' Forever Move to a FREE State, Texas, N Y, N J, Calif are Not FREE States it is only FEE-States ( FEEdom) not FREEdom. What is it about the Words 'FREE, VOID that you FEEmen don't Understand? Do ye not know You Have not Peace in your soul fooling yourselves that you are FREEmen all the while living in the land of FEEdom ( FEE-dom) "you are not living in the land of the FEE and The afraid"? Yes you are! Prove it, get up put on your gun belt like they do in Wyo. , Montanna, Arizona and walk out the door and go to the Barber shop, the Bank the very minute you walk out that door before you take that first step onto public land , sidewalk ect 'FEAR' will hit you Brave Land of the free and the Brave where not in Texas Selah! Last thought: "He told them to sell and buy sidearms later he directed Peter where to wear it, put it back into its place at your side this is not the correct time to use it, I have come to be arrested by these peace officers" N T. Did ye not know The Man Dirrected them to wear sidearms. Who told ye They have Passed A Law makeing it a crime to wear sidearms? "Non Have ever been Passed YET"


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