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“In “A jury’s duty” (11/8) by Mike Romano, John Junker asserts that juries have the right to nullify laws in principle but should not use this right in practice. Would he then be willing to give up the rights of free speech, freedom of religion, freedom of assembly, freedom to organize a labor union, abolition of slavery in the North, and the repeal of alcohol prohibition—all of which were given to us by juries who put the principle of nullification into practice? Without jury nullification no systematic veto exists for the people and tyranny ensues.”

~ Patricia Michl Sumner

November 29, 1995, Necessary nullification, letter to the Seattle Weekly

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E Archer, NYC

Hear, hear!! The People's Veto is in the juror's hands.

jim k, Austin, Tx

Jury Nullification, the best way to nullify bad laws.

Kimo, USA
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Kimo, USA    2/5/12

In some states, MOST, they have stomped on it, all "misdameanors" dont get a jury trail, that means da judge can lock ya up for a year.a year is a long time for some. The constitution says jury trial for ANY crime....Hawaii is that way, better to have a felony i quess, so one can have a jury of his peers, no matter what, demand your rights, in cali, forget it, you will be locked away for looking at the judge wrong. ask anyone. california is a prison state, a tyrynnical state, a police state, and the rest of the country is getting there too. So many laws, we are all breaking one everyday, and dont know it..All because the people bought a lie. Costa Rica, here i come, you will find me on a golf course there, sorry, i KNOW when its time ta go. Ill come home after the battle, IF there is still a USA. Thanks to the editor for all these years of telling the truth, and being a real man. Brave and strong he must be.

Mike, Norwalk

Kimo, I just may join you.

L. Hanson, Edmonton, Canada

The law has been perverted for many years to have the ability to incarcerate anyone at anytime for anything. This is not only our government doing this; it is our government lead by the corporate lobbyists doing this. When we are brave enough to demand that our democracy must be maintained by the separation of the banks from the state; just as we created our democracy by the separation of the church from the state - we will never be free.


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