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“And let us remind readers regularly, in editorials, in our promotional advertising, in speeches to civic groups and others, that advertising helps people to live better and saves them money. This fact needs constant selling.”

~ Paul Miller

quoted in Editor & Publisher, September 16, 1961

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E Archer, NYC

When in fact, advertising is a form of mass psychology ever being broadcast into our homes, streets, schools, and workplaces constantly barraging us with jingles, slogans, and preying upon the insatiable desires of the people. Turn off commercial broadcast television, and it won't be long before people start to appreciate life as is.

Dick, Fort Worth

Not only does it prey on people it creates, engenders and encourages people to want things never desired before. It enlarges the division of people by their abilities to afford unnecessary things and it discourages development of better use of time, of cultural betterment.

Mike, Norwalk

I think I just heard Cheney give that speech ;-)

Ken, Allyn, WA

Advertising churns interest in junk of marginal use, toys, new cars to replace cars that aren't worn out, home improvements to impress the neighbors (or someone), and any number of things people can spend their savings on. Go to any garage sale and you can find piles of junk people thought they just had to have, for a quarter. This reminds me of people who go to sales, come home with piles of things they'll never wear or use, look at their empty wallets, and say, "Look at all the money I saved!"

Ken, Allyn, WA

It's good for the credit card companies though.

Joe, Rochester, MI

How are people like this running things?

Jack, Green, OH

Annoying as advertisements can be, their absence would be worse. The economy would soon come to a screeching halt and many things we enjoy would cease to exist or cost a lot more, as they are supported by advertisers. The products we have do not sell themselves -- media has to promote them. Like them or not, advertising is a very necessary part of our economy. It is a credit to the CEO of Gannett to be honest about it. Most people do not know it

JT Ready, Mesa, AZ

How come most of the TV comercials today depict a stupid white male with a good looking white female looking up to a proserous black male and produced by jews? Coincidence? Hardly.

Patrick Henry, Red Hill

It can rightly be observed that virtually everything in this life, not excluding advertising, is a dual edged sword.

In the absence of the ennobling and constraining influence of Virtue, even that which is essentially wholesome can be rendered utterly contemptible.

Cal, Lewisville, TX

If only they would practice TRUTH in advertising.


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