PlatoPlato, (429-347 BC) Greek philosopher

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“A tyrant…is always stirring up some war or other, in order that the people may require a leader.”

~ Plato

The Republic

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Robert, Sarasota

Don't get me started...

Dick, Fort Worth

And the U.S. seems to provide the majority of them.

Elizabeth, Los Angeles

"All the authorities have to do nowadays is claim that a case is linked to terror and they can get away with just about anything. The rule of law is succumbing to the tyranny of fear." Bob Herbert, Today's New York Times Editorial

E Archer, NYC

War is the trade of kings (and presidents).

Ronw13, Oregon

Yet, Sound Leadership comes forth, the tyrant cannot control. Socialism instills fear, Liberty instills Confidence and Courage, putting fear in the socialist eyes !

Jim K, Austin

Have you noticed that we always seem to me in a war? Governments always keep a war handy so as to control the populace.There is nothing like a mutual enemy to keep the sheep in line.

E Archer, NYC

In the US, the government is always stirring up some conflict in order to declare a state of national emergency in which emergency powers are granted to the Executive while the Constitution is put on hold. The state of national emergency has not been lifted since 1934. The US has been essentially a fascist dictatorship with rigged elections (the choices decided by the wealthy political class) ever since The New Deal. How do you like it so far? Isn't it all it was promised to be? (!!)

Mick, Manchester



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