PlatoPlato, (429-347 BC) Greek philosopher

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“Democracy leads to anarchy, which is mob rule.”

~ Plato

The Republic, ca. 390 B.C.

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Devon, Edmonton, AB

Wrong again, Plato! democracy is mob rule, and anarchy is liberty.

Cosmo, Free State

Devon has it right - great to see that.

Christian, Bolton, England

Anarchy is not mob rule and Plato didn't say that... He said it leads to Despotism - that is the EXACT opposite of Anarchy... You are both wrong about Plato, yet Plato is not wrong, neither am I.

J Carlton, Calgary

Anarchy is the opposite of Hierarchy. And that is all that it is....Governance vs. Freedom.
I could do with a lot less governance and a lot more freedom...that's for sure. And Devon is absolutely right...Democracy IS Mob a really cheap suit.

jim k, Austin

Well said, Devon.

Ronw13, Yachats Or

Anarchy is a knee jerk reaction to democracy, Raw emotion!! People need to understand what is a knee jerk reaction ! Governed by raw emotion which higher powers are aware of !! Get smarter people to first impressions which are manipulated by the media !!!

Mike, Norwalk

What ? ? ? ANARCHY: The absence of all political government; by extension, it signifies confusion in government. (Bouviers Law Dictionary) The destruction of government; lawlessness; the absence of all political government; by extension, confusion in government. See 122 Ill. 253" (Blacks Law Dictionary 1st ed.) Democracy, being mob rule (a government of men as is absolutely averse to rule of law), leads to despotism and tyranny. There is no confusion, democracy is antithetical to law, order, justice, freedom and liberty. Is that anarchy ? ? ? probably not!

E Archer, NYC

Anarchy is not Liberty, it is lawlessness even to the point of violating Natural Law.  Burning down the city, looting businesses, killing innocents  this is anarchy and mob rule.  Libertarians and Classic Liberals are not anarchists or democrats.  Respecting the life, liberty, and property of their fellows  that's not anarchy.


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