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“He hath freedom whoso beareth a clean and constant heart within.”

~ Quintus Ennius

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jim k
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jim k    10/12/11

True, unless those who do not have a clean and constant heart putteth him in jail.

Mike, Norwalk

Phenomenal start, the mind must be added also, then it doesn't matter even if you are in jail, you are free (Jail only impedes for a time the expression of freedom, inalienable rights, etc. it does not address the endowed being. It is a sad note when the occupying statist theocracy's dogmas and propaganda has so sufficiently programed the minds of the freemen that they can not distinguish between the act and the actor, the work and the worker, etc.)

E Archer, NYC

Since Freedom requires the mutual respect of each others' natural-born rights, the practice of a freeman is self-respect,personal responsibility, integrity, and compassion. Anything less is but power over/under another.

Ronw13, Idaho

I like it Jim, as the jailed man said, I have food, clothing and shelter what do I lack, the guard replied, Your Freedom. 
A clean and constant heart provides a bed for peaceful existence. Even in jail. 


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