Richard ArmeyRichard Armey, (1940- ) U.S. Congressman (R-TX) (1985–2003), House Majority Leader (1995–2003).

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“The people themselves, not their government, should be trusted with spending their own money and making their own decisions.”

Richard ArmeyRichard Armey
~ Richard Armey


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Robert, Houston

Dick Armey is a poor spokesman for freedom. For years he has conspired with others of his ilk in attempting to steal freedom for giant corporations and individual robber barons at the expense of the freedom and sustenance of the middle class, the poor and the economic vitality of the American nation. At best, Armey is an anarchist, dispensing with government. At worst, he would, if he could, make the middle class pay all the taxes necessary for government.

J Carlton, Calgary

As a stand alone quote (almost) nothing could be more valid in a supposedly free nation.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

The GOP claims that "people" means "individuals" not the "group", so, he's advocating for each individual to decide what we as a group shall spend rather than having the group decide what the group shall spend... still crazy after all these years!

cal, lewisville, tx

Dick was our congressman for years. He is known for calling a spade-a-spade. He calls Barney Frank(Barney Fag). He tried to get rid of double taxation if that was for helping the rich as Robert says. It actually would help any small man get larger and he does not believe in giving our money to the government because they know how to spend it better for us. Each person should take charge of one's self. Robert shows here that Houston and Austin in this state are liberal as NYC and Chicago.

jim k, Austin,Tx

Reston must be joined at the hip with Waffler, both are nuts. As to the quote, tell that to big dady Obama and the wicked witch of the East, Nancy Pelosi.

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RBESRQ    7/22/10

It tries to be a Libertarian quote but he is way off the mark. Calling a spade a spade is exactly what we don't want for it is self indulgent and egotistical. As you can tell from above partisan politics is in fine form.

Mike, Norwalk

The 'A' from Reston can't understand how the borg isn't god with all assimilations being but mere, all but useless, flanges. I don't know about the GOP, personally not being a supporter thereof, BUT, the Declaration of independence, Constitution, founders of the Republic, common law, all original intent and legal definitions, and all jurisprudence at law and justice of the de jure States, individually and united (just to name a few), was / were based on the meaning that "people" describes "individuals", not the "group". The concept is each and every, any and all "people" are equal before the law, justice is blind, and wants, life styles, religious endeavors such as a welfare state, borg supported life styles are not part of the operations. Decisions on spending are thus lawfully reduced to only those subjects that relate to each individual's united expression. THUS "The people themselves, not their government, should be trusted with spending their own money and making their own decisions"

Mike, Norwalk

Originally, government in the de jure States united, was to be made up of the individuals representatives. That is no longer the case as all governments claim inherent right with the ability to compel compliance, license, create victimless crimes, commit larceny with impunity (theft of the noble laborer's fruit, funny money, redefinition / implementation of eminent domain, etc.) The only reason for a thumbs down on this is Armey's use of "their government". Only the slave borg of the statist theocracy has a government, We The People do not. The experience at 1776 and 1787 was different than had ever happened before and so, there was no word that expressed a representative expression of individual sovereigns, united at law. The old term government, which everyone was familiar with was implemented. This was the first time in known history that the body of executives, legislators, and judges operated as an extension of the individual's unalienable rights and Laws of Nature and of Nature's God - the government not being a third party, such as in a democracy, socialist setting, monarchy, etc. but rather an exacting extension of the sovereign individual at law. The term government did not, and now does not fit what the body of representatives was to be and now serves to enslave We The People once again.

Dick, Fort Worth

An obvious and completely ridiculous statement. We the people are the government. Unfortunately a significant portion of the people have been duped by the demagoguery of the GOP billionaires to electing themselves as the government. And you can be damned sure they are spending the people's money for wars, perpetual wars, for that's where the trillions of dollars lie.

E Archer, NYC

I agree with the statement. Dick, most billionaires are democrats and have made their fortune from government contracts and policies that protect their shares of the markets. But basically ALL politicians are supporters of the Federal Reserve, the true power of the government and economy.

mike, upland, ca

Armey is the Tea Baggers voice today, because he's always looking for someone to pay his way. He's a scam artist who claims to be for the average man, but he's sponsored by Big Money Republicans. The problem with government today and taxation is the Republican Party of Big Money. The GOBP as noted by Keith Olbermann. Dick Armey is carpetbagging his way across America one tea bag at a time. He's even gotten them to be silent about their involvement with the group, but they have to support him. If you don't like the tax situation elect folks to Congress who are responsible adults not brain-washed Republicans. Mike

wily, syracuse

what a ridiculous qoute. unless you don't vote, the government IS the people.

Waffler, Smith

Wily is correct. Armery just fails to understand that Wily. The state of our government and our debt etcetera is the way that we have decided it should be. When we decide to raise taxes and pay our debt then we will do so. As long as we have guys like Armey, Tea Partiers etcetera WE will be in the same perdicament. I suggest to Wily and any other intelligent folk to join me in a new party I call the Koffee Klatch. This is not a tea sipping buch of wimps but realistic people who will face truth and stand up for an economy of correct taxation and spending as responsible people. You can reach me at

J Carlton, Calgary

The government is NOT the people. They are now representatives of the global banking system and its agenda. We are merely inventory to them. Take back America, take out the trash in November.

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    Nick    7/23/10

    Mike, Norwalk. I just want to let you know I appreciate you being the most sane and rational non partisan hack making posts here. Thank you.

    wily, syracuse

    when was the last time you saw a bank step into, or out of, a voting booth? also, when was the last time a bank influenced YOUR vote? give me a break. still, I'm hoping you took steps against corporations gaining any more influence over elections. did you? :)


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