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“The Nazis are well remembered for murdering well over 11 million people in the implementation of their slogan, 'The public good before the private good,' the Chinese Communists for murdering 62 million people in the implementation of theirs, 'Serve the people,' and the Soviet Communists for murdering more than 60 million people in the implementation of Karl Marx's slogan, 'from each according to his ability, to each according to his needs.'  Anyone who defends any of these, or any variation of them, on the grounds of their 'good intentions' is an immoral (NOT 'amoral') enabler of the ACTUAL (not just the proverbial) road to hell.”

~ Rick Gaber

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Guest    8/29/13

Wow. Now that wouldn't have been obvious had no one said it.

J Carlton, Calgary

Clear examples of the fact that Socialism and Communism are evil to the core. And 133 Million reasons to own a gun as we can see that an unarmed population is at the mercy of despotic governments.

Mike, Norwalk

The Public good, Serve the people, and according to his ability, to each according to his needs are mantras of Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin and his minions (the modern day socialists of Amerika). They decry such dogmas as mandatory health care, a drone in every government facility to get rid of descendents (those that love freedom, abide natural law, exert inalienable rights, veterans, Christians, etc.) and continual war to spread their religion.

John Robinson, Lennox

The Nazi's, the commies all committed atrocities for profit. The murder of the Jews was to seize their wealth for they were the middle class of Europe, The commies did it to balance their budgets, extreme budget hawks, yes they were. What was most important to them was their adherence to their ideology, to that they were unwavering and conservative. the placing of ideology before humanity is what makes one a monster. But that couldn't happen here, could it?

E Archer, NYC

The slow creep of socialist propaganda is the forehorse to totalitarianism. I cringe whenever I hear Americans talking about population control,as if that were a real problem in America. Whenever a seat of power is created for the next 'do-gooder' to take charge, look out -- heads will roll, literally. All this 'sacrifice' talk coming from Obama et al is an example of the statist religion to which we all are to become subject -- sacrificial offerings to the priestly cast have been the tools of oppressors for millennia -- the worship of power is the religion now...

Mann, Kalamazoo

More numbers for the mix: 30-odd million killed by the US military and its hash of allies in our foreign invasions/wars since WWII. With some good reason most Americans use historical and current bogeymen gratuitously provided by MSM like sour brain candy, responding across the board with fear, revulsion and hatred. All whilst ignoring that much of the world perceives us exactly the same way ... with some very good reasons for doing so. "Leadership" may play musical chairs in our Capitols but we're as bad as any of these bogeymen, and we'll inevitably be deemed much worse if we continue on course. The taxpayer-financed body count climbs every single day. Do "patriots" really think we won't ultimately be held accountable for that?

E Archer, NYC

You are absolutely right, Mann. The US has in fact been a nationalist socialist/fascist country since FDR, which goes to prove Gaber's point: socialism/fascism/communism means deaths to millions of civilians. America has still yet to live up to its founding principles.

Chuck Woolery, Rockville
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Chuck Woolery, Rockville E Archer, NYC 9/3/18

Nationalism causes mass murder.  The current world paradigm that puts national sovereignty superior to the protection of human rights is the fundamental flaw in our global governance system.  The framers of our Constitution made the same mistake in moving forward with the protection of slavery under States rights.  That fundamental flaw was contrary to the "Laws of Nature and Nature's God" that were recognized as "Self-evident" "Truths" and led to a civil war that killed more Americans than all the wars since then combined.  Keeping this 400 year old concept alive in today's world is suicide given the proliferation of WMD and multiple other powerful dual use technologies capable of mass slaughter that guns or independent governments cannot protect us from. 

Felipe, São Paulo

Some comments here are baffling. How is it that someone can compare deaths in wars (that, even if completely unnecessary and unjust, still are conflicts of a nation against another, and in modern wars most of the casualties are military), to the killing, by a GOVERNMENT, of ITS OWN CITIZENS, and that in the name of an ideology and its prejudices????


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