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“Give a good man great powers and crooks grab his job.”

~ Rick Gaber

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Mike, Norwalk

(-; I'm pretty sure in that scenario, most of the time, it is the efforts of the crooks that gave the good man great power. ;-)

Mick, Manchester

or he/she becomes a crook?

Ronw13, Oregon

There is a job, that can't be taken Or bought for money. Though money and power want the connection. A phenomena occurs that boggles the minds of so-called leadership within the association. Struggles for control of that they understand not, fall short of their expectations. The phrase " good man " is used loosely, Want to know what is in a persons heart, watch where they put their money or care. Let the good man be a warrior and see who grabs his job !

E Archer, NYC

The very reason for the distribution of power in a republican form of government. Centralization of power is so dangerous because of the potential for abuse.

Fredrick William Sillik, Anytown

You don't have to be bad to live or exist, you just have to become invulnerable to the death forces. 


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