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“Absolutism is a guarantee of objectionable morals in the same way that absolutism in government is a guarantee of objectionable government.”

~ Robert Briffault


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Waffler, Smith

Oh! how Solomonic. Moderation in all things, be prepared to be tentative, listen, and balance your views. A great quote.

cal, lewisville, tx

I hope Briffault was only joking. Ayn Rand discovered "Objectivity" and it is not even close to absolute government. Waffler, read her popular books "The Fountainhead" and "Atlas Shrugged" so you can see the truth happening now!

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RBESRQ    1/19/10

When you have absolutism growth stops

Waffler, Smith

Cal Ayn Rand loved skyscrapers and the men who built them, Her philosophy has been debunked many times but the young and inexperienced still on occasion flock to her temple just like many Star Trek trekkies.


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