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“Gun control stems from racist roots, and ... it undermines feminism by send[ing] women the message that they should not use force to defend themselves.”

~ Robert Dowlut

Arms: A Right to Self-Defense Against Criminals and Despots, 8 Stanford L. & Pol'y Rev. 25 (1997). Quoting Inge Anna Larish, Note, Why Annie Can't Get Her Gun: A Feminist Perspective on the Second Amendment, 1996 U. Ill. L. Rev. 467, 505.

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anonymous    10/17/14

Robert Dowlut seems schizophrenic.

cal, lewisville, tx

All citizens should have the right to be armed anywhere according to their state's rules for their protection. Not sure about non-citizens on visa if it is state or federal rules concerning them.

Mary - MI

anonymous - I would believe the reason you hide your identity is because you don't want anyone to know how truly unprincipled and ignorant you are ... lacking completing any stable objective and rational thinking.

Mike, Pleasant Hill

Anonymous, schizophrenic? Perhaps you prefer a woman unconscious or dead in an alley with her panties around her ankles?
It would seem you have a problem with the right to self-defense, I wonder if that would extend to defending your own family?

E Archer, NYC

True on both counts -- just read the history of gun legislation, it was first introduced to keep arms out of recently freed back slaves. And somehow, so many women today are deathly afraid to have a gun in the house -- somehow they have become convinced that they could not be responsible enough to hold such power. I suppose it all depends on one's indoctrination.

Here in NYC, as students, we were always told to surrender to armed criminals as there was no need to risk one's life over whatever is in your pocket -- I suppose rape victims were also to just give up. We have basically been taught to be cowards, and the bold criminals know it, and thus have no respect for their cowardly victims.

But I do believe this tendency is changing -- more and more liberal women are admitting to their progressive sisters that they have a gun in the house particularly to defend their children from home invasions and recommend others do the same.

Mike, Norwalk

The quote is accurate in the facts relayed. anonymous, by stating history accurately, how does that make the author schizophrenic?

Ronw13, Yachats Or

The things in Mom's purse, in Grandmother's bag, were and are there to protect their own. It is a slothful person who will not pick up the tool, and is a parents responsibility to teach, how to and what for. Otherwise you and yours become a prey.


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