Roger BaldwinRoger Baldwin, (1884-1981) one of the founders of the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)

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“I am for socialism, disarmament, and ultimately, for abolishing the state itself. … Communism is the goal.”

Roger BaldwinRoger Baldwin
~ Roger Baldwin


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Mike, Norwalk

A patron of ANTI ! ! !  / liberty / inalienable rights / individual sovereignty / prosperity / natural law / justice theocracy spewing forth the method of how to abolish that which he was antithetical to.

Ronw13, Oregon

The harm was done, when forming the ACLU allowing, pacifist anarchist sentiment coupled with hard line communist party members to infiltrate the association. Baldwin as a member of the IWW was conscience Mens Rea of their Actus Reus acts. 

Cal, Lewisville

A Democrat he was.

warren, olathe

In the early 1900’s ww1 opened the door to socialism in Russia. It was seen as the workers paradise. As the condition of life in the USSR started to reveal itself many in this country started to change their opinion of socialism. Rose Wilder did a 180 and became an advocate for liberty. She saw the problem, socialism, as a defective idea. Others rationalized that socialism in the USSR would have worked if it were run by the right people. Roger Baldwin belonged to the second group. He gave up on electing Communists to political office and went to bringing socialism to the US by first destroying the legal system. Others attacked the family unit and education. The strategy was to bring our society to the point of accepting socialism as a possible solution to the “proven” failure of capitalism. We have to come to realize that the second group has got to be soundly defeated if our country is to survive. We need many of these excellent quotes to help better understand history and how it affects our present.

E Archer, NYC

Conflating a civil right to the status of a natural-born right is the fundamental corruption of the law in America.  Civil rights are granted and regulated by the State  they can be given and taken away by legislation.  Natural-born rights are those we recognize as inalienable and not subject to the will of other people.  The rights to Life and Liberty do not depend upon any others; it is considered a Law of Nature that all have natural rights and a individual responsibility to defend those rights.  

Civil law consists of statutes and rules, the jurisdiction thereof belonging to those that have agreed to these rules, but they cannot apply to a natural born person.  Civil law is in the realm of commercial law, colorable law, and cannot be applied to persons not engaging in the regulated activity.

Housing is a need, not a right.  Food is a need, not a right.  Education is a need, not a right.  Employment is a need, not a right.  Wow, that is a lot of responsibility for a person; how did we ever make it this far without government dependence?  Note that those crying for more dependence are claiming that housing, food, education are rights that others must provide.  That is not a right but a claim to another's labor and property, life and liberty.  

This is the simple mind-game of the communists/socialists.  Confusing the individual who he/she is, what he/she is entitled to, and what his/her obligations are to 'society' (i.e. to people involved in government).

Defending oneself from thieves is a need AND a right!


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