Sir Roger L'EstrangeSir Roger L'Estrange, (1616-1704) English pamphleteer, author and staunch defender of Royalist claims

Sir Roger L'Estrange Quote

“One stumble is enough to deface the character of an honorable life.”

Sir Roger L'EstrangeSir Roger L'Estrange
~ Sir Roger L'Estrange

Fables of Aesop And Other Eminent Mythologists with Moral Reflections, 5th Edition, 1708

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Cal Burton, Slocan Park, BC, Canada

Who is/was L. Estrange? Could this quotation possibly be from Roger L'Estrange (1616-1704)?

Editor, Liberty Quotes

Thanks, Cal. Yes, this is from Roger L'Estrange's 'Fables of Aesop.' The source has been updated. Here's a link to the original:
Google Books - Fables of Aesop by Roger L'Estrange

Mike, Norwalk

Very sad but accurate.


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