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“Unfortunately, over the course of this century Congress has largely ignored the constitutional limits on its power. And the courts, especially after Franklin Roosevelt threatened to pack the Supreme Court with six additional members, have only abetted the resulting growth of government by fashioning constitutional doctrines that have no basis whatever in the Constitution. As a consequence, many of the programs Congress oversees today are without constitutional foundation, having resulted from acts that Congress had no authority.”

~ Roger Pilon

Restoring Constitutional Government, Cato’S Letter #9, P. 2, Published By The Cato Institute (1995).

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J Carlton, Calgary

End the Fed, end foreign control. Restore the Republic.

Mike, Norwalk

So may examples demonstrate the accuracy of the quote; by way of extremely terse illustration but, not by limitation: government's alphabet soup of agencies, Mr. Obamunist Goodwrench the assassin's authorized czars, confiscation of property, flagrant acts against the inalienable rights of man, etc., etc., etc.

cal, lewisville, tx

Hurray for the CATO Institute. It's my favorite.

Waffler, Smith

The Cato Institute is a fifth column movement of anarchist capitalists founded by Edward Crane. It has a profound and definite philosophy that in no way is for truth or honesty. In short it has an axe to grind. Ax grinding is what most on this site long for but Cato and ax grinding is not the same thing as freedom of expression, liberty etcetera. Cato is substantiall aided and abetted and funded by the Koch brothers who have also given us the likes of the Tea Party, hahaha, ain't that a laugh!

J Carlton, Calgary

Geez Waffler...I'm surprised you didn't manage to squeeze "Imperialist Running Dogs" into that comment. LOL

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, I know you've stated you chose your moniker to have fun lying on this blog so, I'll clear-up just one of your liberal pass along lies. I know a couple to the individuals from New Hampshire that started the latest Tea Party movement. From that, Neocons, fascists, wannabes and other malefactors have advertised being the tea party. The Koch brothers did not give us the likes of the Tea Party but, may have financially supported an adaptation thereof to their liking. With in that which is still being called the Tea Party, there are still big L libertarians in the movement.

Waffler, Smith

The Tea Party Mike is a fraud from the get go. Where was it for example when Bush was running his major deficits and national debt. The Teaers complain about the tax guy Obama, yet Obama has never suggested tax increases only suggesting that the temporary Bush cuts expire as they were intended to do when he passed them. The Tea Party was started by the Koch as basically a resurrected KKK. I predict that Trump is running a scam to out mouth, circumscribe and "bury" Sarah Palin, by appealing to the same group of idiots. When he secures the nomination he will throw his support behind Obama. He has given over time to mostly Democrats including Harry Reid.

E Archer, NYC

The statement is absolutely true. Waffler's poor attempt at an ad hominem argument using innuendos to defame a well-proven statement again highlights the lengths to which he will go to ignore the truth about his own role in oppressing his fellows. I'm afraid only the ignorant fall for the race-baiting Waffler pulls out of his bag of tricks. The money masters who run American politics often fund splinter groups that help to divide a party -- a strong Tea Party helps the Democrats as it divides the GOP. Ross Perot was the spoiler in his day. The battle is for hearts and minds -- not politicians. When enough people realize what the political parties have done to them, they will be history, just like the Whigs and Tories. You cannot keep the common man down forever.

Durham, Birmingham,AL

When I was in law school, we were not taught what the Constitution says.  We were taught the precedents--what judges had said the Constitution says.  Judges swear an oath to protect and defend the Constitution, but they protect and defend the precedents and their own political opinions.

Durham, Birmingham,AL

There was a contract between thirteen states and a newly formed Federal Government.  Why is it that the Federal Government is the only body which can rule on whether it has violated that contract?


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