Roger ShermanRoger Sherman, (1721-1793) American statesman

Roger Sherman Quote

“The Executive should be able to repel and not to commence war.”

Roger ShermanRoger Sherman
~ Roger Sherman

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Mike, Norwalk

An extremely layered comment. For one, the civilian commander-in-chief over the military's job description changes once congress declares war.

Ronw13, Oregon

Could Sherman have foreseen the "double standard" on display today by the House, the infiltration by such as the RSDLP, the SDP ? Their underlying agenda of socialist/communistic state rule, is upended, challenged by President Trump's administration of prosperity and growth on a grand scale, reversing the managed decline and intent of a subjugated citizenry.The spirit of revenge by the corrupt Socialist democratic party is on full display.

Cal, Lewisville

You are right Ronw13.  Of all the witnesses, I have not heard one standing next to Trump listening to his phone call.  What the house can make out of just pure hearsay?


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