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“The government deficit is the difference between the amount of money the government spends and the amount it has the nerve to collect.”

~ Sam Ewing

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Lil Abner, Dogpatch

THE DEFICIT IS A DELUSION!!! To contemplate a deficit, you must believe that our misleaders spend more money than they collects as taxes. The Federal Reserve DID NOT LIE. They said their system "works only with credit" that would keep is value "if there were fewer people bidding against each other." Booklet, Keeping Our Money (their credit) Healthy. Library of Congress Catalog No. 60-14368 revised Jan. 1979. Ask your congressman for a photocopy. Credit is NOTHING, Our Marxist misleaders sprnd NOTHING. They have no need for money when everyone will risk their lives for weightless, intangible credit that exists only in the mind, They must control the minds of most to work all of us with credit, Don't you and almost all others believe the lie that government spends money when they work us slaves only with credit? www.morpix/biz/dc Cut and paste this to keep it circulating. The site contains no advertizing, subscribe free to See: BEFORE YOU GET FLU SHOTS.

J Carlton, Calgary

The Federal Deficit is indeed an illusion and the method by which you are enslaved in perpetuity.

jim k, austin

I have to laugh when the Obamunists tell me that his health care plan will "cut costs". Has the government ever "cut costs". This health scare plan is a vehicle for Obama and the rest of that bunch to control your life and everything you do. It is crucial that we defeat this now.

cal, lewisville, tx

Not just the "health scare" plan Jim-we must defeat Obama now!!!!

Waffler, Smith

Absolutley correct. Guys like Reagan and the Bushies ran for election telling us they would cut our taxes. They had no nerve and no morals. They then went and ran us into deficit no mans land. When will the American people become honest at least with themselves. This inherent dishonesty is the greatest enemy we face.

Juggs, Any Town

All that needs to be done is for the Feds to declare Bankruptcy and we can start over. Too bad for all the countries holding the notes. We have the weapons, they have the notes. Now that is true power.

Mike, Norwalk

Juggs, the Fed doesn't owe anyone, it prints all it wants and puts others in bankruptcy. Other countries hold some notes, that means they owe the Fed; other than that, other countries hold U.S. securities meaning, the U.S. would have to declare bankruptcy and then we would, probably, be at war with the rest of the world. I can't confirm it but, I've heard that Mrs. Clinton gave eminent domain authority to China to secure its debt. If that is the case, China would only have to come to the US and it could kick any body off of any land it decided it wanted and the US government would help.

Juggs, Any Town

Mike, it is unbelievable, but I will have to. How can she give them eminent domain authority in this country? What lawful authority does she have to do that? Seems that should go before Congress, and isn't their something in the constitution that should kick her off her job, instead of kicking me off my land!! How very frightening. You are correct, thanks for pointing out my error. I did intend to say the US should claim bankruptcy but did not know my property was put up for collateral of the money they borrowed from China. I have read that China has quite a Navy now, and their weapons are amassing. No wonder they are so desperate to find another planet that will support life.

Waffler, Smith

You guys are ignoring the simpicity and truthfullness of the quote. You like any guy who fails to pay his bills and just keeps hemming and hawing rather than pay his bills. You have deadbeat mentalities and like most uneducated Americans reflect that mentality upon our government and elect deadbeat politicians.

J Carlton, Calgary

Mike, Clinton gave China emminent domain in the US? That's some pretty serious stuff. Any way to verify that?

E Archer, NYC

This is what the government would like you to think. In fact, Lil Abner is correct, and Juggs nails it. "We deal in lead, mister." That is what I say to folks that say that US dollars are not backed by anything (of course I say that a lot, too), when in fact all our weapons and power back up our currency -- keep that in mind you folks who want the US to disarm. Hey, BTW, China's currency and India's currency and Israel's currency and literally ALL the world's currencies are backed by 'nothing' either, but all have some force to keep the value propped up. Mike may in deed be correct, and many Americans may be surprised to learn that they in fact do not own their property or their land even though it was paid for (but most are in debt anyway, and if China holds that debt, then ipso facto ...) -- the problem is that it wasn't really paid for: federal reserve promissory notes do not actually pay any debts, they only transfer the liability of debts. Do you have your land patent for your land? If you don't, someone else does, and it means that they own the land, not you. In the government's eye, the people do not own anything, they are merely liable for everything. To own is to be responsible for, so irresponsible wards of the state cannot and do not own anything -- they are in fact 'owned' and for available for lease (i.e jobs). In the government's view, we are but beneficiaries of the public trust and we live at their pleasure.

Judge Sotomayor, Washington

I believe a wise Latina woman could come to a better conclusion than a white male.

Dave Wilber, St. Louis

Ewing must be an economist to make such comments! Here is one from a Monetary Realist: To contemplate a deficit, one must first believe our misleaders spend more money than they collect as taxes but the Fed said their system of plunder works us : ONLY WITH CREDIT." What is there you do not understsnd in "only with credit?"

Mike, Norwalk

J Carlton, I've looked and looked for the signing over of the US to China. If the document exists, I can't find it (that doesn't mean much since my government clearance to secret documents is non-existent). So, until it can be proved, it will just have to be chalked up to a (-; right wing conspirisy rumor ;-).

E Archer, NYC

Mike, you need only look at the regulations for Chinese holding US dollars. I have seen many Chinese banks in California financing construction projects. Like any bank, they own the property until the loan agreement is fulfilled. Since these banks are not creating money via credit, they are loaning 'real money' (real fiat money that has already been created). So if the Chinese start loaning US dollars to Americans in the US, the Chinese hold the American collateral -- it is theirs until it is paid for. If the US government can issue more T-Bills than the value of all the federal land and properties, cannot the holders of those debts simply claim ownership of those properties?

To wage a war costs money, and if the US keeps it up, the Chinese can simply buy up property and lease it back to us rather than invade militarily. Has Clinton helped secure large Chinese purchases of federal lands? You bet! By giving out permits to bid for these lands/projects. I don't think Mike is far off.


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