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“The foundation of individualism lies in one's moral right to pursue one's own happiness. This pursuit requires a large amount of independence, initiative, and self-responsibility. But true individualism entails cooperating with others through trade, which facilitates the pursuit of each party's happiness, and which is carried out not just on the level of goods but on the level of knowledge and friendship. Trade is essential for life; it provides one with many of the goods and values one needs. Creating an environment where trade flourishes is of great importance and great interest for the individualist.”

~ Shawn E. Klein

Community and American Individualism. A commentary from the Navigator Special: The Assault on Civilization, posted October 17, 2001. Published in the November 2001 Navigator

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Mike, Norwalk

A very accurate observation.

J Carlton, Calgary

Very well put. Too bad our free trade agreement with the US is anything but a free trade agreement. There's that pesky "government help" thing again...

Elizabeth, Astoria, NY

Perfect representation of Trade and outstanding writing skills.

Ronw13, Oregon

When leaders of the world, agree "openly" to the public, as to the value of the moral individualist among their countries, then there is a chance for an armistice. 11,11,11 were well chosen numbers of reference. Then HK as with other places of conflict will have a chance for peace. Merchantilist who look down upon as lesser the natural agrarian nature of a moral individualist do themselves more harm than good. This shoe fits all nations. Industrialist through the disruption of the rural environment in the U.S.A. have brought about the polarization seen today. Man that is soon removed from the ground that feeds him will soon despise that separation and fight to return to a more harmonious life. 


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