Swami NirmalanandaSwami Nirmalananda, [Tulasi Charan Dutta] (1863 -1938) Indian monk

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“Our modern society is engaged in polishing and decorating the cage in which man is kept imprisoned.”

Swami NirmalanandaSwami Nirmalananda
~ Swami Nirmalananda

Enlightened Anarchism

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Mike, Norwalk

I like J Carlton's plantation example. I heard that health care was an inalienable right. If that's the case, I want God to use gold coins to pay for mine ;-) (-: Constitutionally speaking, it is He who endows all rights - so far they've been free but, since we found one that costs, he who gave it to us should pay without encumbering me;-)

Mike, Norwalk

P.S. if the right wasn't eminent as a faculty of birth, I don't want it.

J Carlton, Calgary

That's the problem Mike, they don't provide us with anything they didn't steal from somewhere else or print out of thin air...but you already know that. I'll take those natural rights I had at birth over what the social engineers are forcing down our throats, anytime.

Anonymous, Reston, VA, US

Very metaphysical quote today... having nothing to do with health care, but since Mike thinks it does, lets remind the readers that the list includes "Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness"... yet 45,000 people die each year due to a lack of health care, and many more are bound by the chains of illness which impinges upon their liberty and prevents their pursuit of happiness... how we treat those less fortunate than us in life defines our moral and ethical stance, and thus we see the moral bankruptcy of opposing universal health care (and many other social programs)... Its not just right, it IS what the Christian God tells us to do.

J Carlton, Calgary

Gee Reston, ..."Those less fortunate"? Do you mean those career welfare recipients who sit on their ass and eat fast food all day? Or the ones who took no reponsibility for their own well being and now want me to pay for it because after all, they're "entitled"? Or maybe you mean those victims of a society completely manipulated by a system that had them screwed in the first place by a government that manipulates everything to subjugate people and tax them out of existence? Naturally your solution to a problem created by too much government is...more government. How poorly thought out and short sighted. With that kind of logic one could say that a mountain climber with a pack full of rocks on his back was assisted by those same rocks in an effort to climb the mountain.

jim k, Austin

Reston, that "45,000 " figure sounds exactly like something Harry Reed would say, and is pure nonsense. Actually Reed said that 2 people die every 10 minutes due to lack of medical care. That's an interesting comment since the wonderful benefits of Reed and Pelosis' plan won't start until 4 years after it actually becomes law. If this thing ever passes, we will get more government and less health care along with higher taxes.

Bob, Eugene, OR

Save us from gurus! If you want to be truly free, give him all your money and go live under the bridge.

Mike, Norwalk

'A' from Reston, I've read your stories about growing up on welfare and how you don't believe in the Christian God. The Christian God would be more accurately depicted as asking, persuading, or simply explaining a better way - leaving the choice to the individual, being charitable or otherwise. The current statist theocracy that now infests this land does not follow that same line of application, it lives by force. 'A' from Reston, how about lets leave this a secular government, you keep your religion (help the needy, poor, sick, and afflicted in your own private way) and I'll keep mine (I'll help in my own way). Lets leave the non-lawful -emotional should be to the individual

Mike, Norwalk

Bob, it appears as though you are an angry sound bite editing missionary for the statist theocracy.

E Archer, NYC

Deep. Nothing to do with health care, but with realizing that our 'dependencies' are in fact 'chains.' In order to be free, one does need to 'let go.' The war on death is unwinnable.


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