Thomas Babington MacaulayThomas Babington Macaulay, (1800-1859) [Lord Macaulay] 1st Baron Macaulay, British historian

Thomas Babington Macaulay Quote

“As freedom is the only safeguard of governments, so are order and moderation generally necessary to preserve freedom.”

Thomas Babington MacaulayThomas Babington Macaulay
~ Thomas Babington Macaulay

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Waffler, Smith

Moderation whatever happened to moderation. I know it was destroyed by Republican right wing dogma and idiocy.

cal, lewisville, tx

You don't sound so moderate yourself Waffler.

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Anon    3/18/10

Waffler, I believe Macauley was speaking of order and moderation in government to safeguard freedom. You know, just like the king of England was in the 1770's.

J Carlton, Calgary

Here's some Liberal Left Wing Dogma designed to destroy your rights and America itself. ~ ~ These rabid communists must be destroyed at all costs.

jim k, Austin

Waff,idiotic as usual.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, we understand how the Republican right wing dogma measures moderation in the billions up to a trillion or so - that is idiocy. Are you saying, by singling out the Republicans, that the Democrat left wing dogma's spending of trillions and trillions is a measure of moderation and, that is not idiocy. hmmm That is ! !, the huge, gigantic, enormous pot calling the kettle black - a body of lies so contorted as to secure an extremely deep head deposit into where the sun don't shine. As per the quote, good but, not complete.

Waffler, Smith

I say Clinton was a moderate, bill paying leader and the Dogmatic favor the rich inmoderate non-bill paying policies of W has caused the latest debacle. Republicans hate moderation but love their dogam, guns, selling bonds to the rich etc.

Waffler, Smith

PS: and destroying the evnironment even against the advise of the moderate Al Gore.

E Archer, NYC

Yes, well, 'moderation and order' are very subjective things... The US political parties represent the extremes of popular opinion and neither exercises any moderation in their agendas. The Democrats have been extreme and hell-bent on the socialization of the American economy while the GOP have aimed their power at securing foreign resources for US private interests -- and both parties place the cost of perpetual debt upon the backs of the American people. NEITHER party is concerned about Freedom any more, and this explains their lack of moderation and their efforts to usher in a 'new world' order.

Mike, Norwalk

Waffler, your parroting the party line just goes to illustrate the ignorance, totalitarianism, and beloved slave status of the statist theocracy's patrons. The Democrat controlled legislature of Bush's last 2 years did as much damage to the economy as Bush did in 8 years. To say Clinton or Gore are moderates, just goes to explain where your measuring device is (no freedom, liberty, productive order, or safeguards anywhere near that scale). As to the Keynesian economics in hyperdrive, there's no moderation there - and as to helping solve the Republican created problem, that's just throwing gas on the fire trying to put it out. It is impossible to issue debt to get out of debt, especially when you produce nothing except debt. No amount of theft will get you out of debt, you will simply kill the host. Welcome to Amerika where the Constitution is only a small speed bump on the way do destroying the sole great beacon of liberty's light.

Waffler, Smith

And you should know a parrot Mike.


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