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“Capital punishment is when Washington comes up with a new tax.”

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Mike, Norwalk

LOL, I love it!

E Archer, NYC

Will the punishment ever end? ;-)

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Capital punishment is when the state commits murder! Anyone who equates mire taxation to murder is sick.

Ken, Allyn, WA

Capital punishment is when the state exacts the ultimate penalty for the ultimate crime in a few, swift moments. Taxation is slavery, where the state owns a portion of your life and slowly bleeds it away from you, but not too fast. No one wants to kill the cash cow (or hardworking slave).

helorat, Milton

Great quote, Anonymous is a typical liberal fool. Capital Punishment is when society ensures that criminals do not devalue life. Society has a contract with the individual, the cost of a life is a life. It is freedom of choice, once the individual decides to take a life the price must be paid or the bargain hunting begins. I am sure Anonymous is a Democrat, they never saw a tax or tax increase the did not like.

Joe, Rochester, MI

I know Washington is killing me with each new tax and it "feels" like capital punishment. LOL

E Archer, NYC

A perpetual needle in my arm to send lifeblood to the State, mostly to feed government employees -- it may not be a death sentence outright, but killing the old milk cow comes later. Government services are crap! Government health care is crap! Government rations are crap! Government housing is crap! We get the message: 'Eat crap and die.'


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