William GodwinWilliam Godwin, (1756-1836) English journalist, political philosopher and novelist

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“Whenever government assumes to deliver us from the trouble of thinking for ourselves, the only consequences it produces are those of torpor and imbecility.”

William GodwinWilliam Godwin
~ William Godwin

An Enquiry Concerning Political Justice, 1793

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helorat, Milton

New Orleans the shining example of the Great Society. And don't even start the Bush bashing. It is tough to deliver emergency relief (for which their is no Constitutional authority) when you are using the majority of your assets to perform 40,000+ life saving rescues of people to stupid to think or act for themselves.

Anonymous, Reston, VA US

Great quote, and yet complete disagreement with the fuzzy logic helorat displays yet again... King George W is the world leader in non-thinking and wrong action. To blame the victims of Katrina for Bush's ineptitude shows just how mean spirited creatures such as helorat are... and how successful King George has been in finding non-thinking rodents as supporters.

E Archer, NYC

Are we to blame Bush or Clinton for our own responsibilities? Why do we keep asking government to take care of us? And why do we complain about the poor job the government does at being our nanny? Government makes a poor parent -- however, it is We The People that are to blame. When we are ready to bear the burden of our own independence, perhaps then govenment will return to its rightful place as 'servant' instead of 'master'.

helorat, Milton

A, Reston is the champion of the Marxist socialist nannystate, and cannot see the disaster of New Orleans and katrina as shining example of a group programed by democrats to depend on the government for everything including thinking, then complains that I am heartless for pointing out the idiots who failed to leave caused the biggest problems for the relief efforts. I wonder if he even read the quote. He obviously believes the government should not only think for us but do virtually everything for us. Feed us, shelter us, evacuate us... Anything else you expect the government to do for us. Talk about torpor and imbecility A. Reston you are it.

Ken, Allyn, WA

A torpid imbecile makes a perfect subject, but a very poor citizen. That our government would prefer that we would be torpid imbeciles shows they are not terribly interested in a democratic form of government. They simply want to rule and want us to be ruled.

Joe, Rochester, MI

Helorat is exactly correct, the people of New Orleans who stayed are too stupid to think and act for themselves, and didn't act even when told to leave. Reston is definitely liberal and socialist, who thinks he (she?) is compassionate and caring, but really causes suffering for those on welfare by wanting the government to providing nearly everything with minimal restrictions. Those on welfare stagnate on their butts by not needing to be responsible for themselves. It ends up costing taxpayers more and more. I want to keep my money for my own needs.

Mike, Norwalk

AND, government tells you stand 6ft. apart and wear a mask so you can all be good slaves.

E Archer, NYC
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E Archer, NYC Mike, Norwalk 10/6/20

The epitome of this has been displayed in Biden rallies  a circle drawn on the floor with a chair in it separated by other circles 6 feet apart.  "For your own security, sit here, read this, say this."  That is truly how the elites see us.


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