William Lyon Mackenzie KingWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King, (1874-1950) Prime Minister of Canada

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“We must also go out and meet the enemy before he reaches our shores. We must defeat him before he attacks us, before our cities are laid to waste.”

William Lyon Mackenzie KingWilliam Lyon Mackenzie King
~ William Lyon Mackenzie King

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J Carlton, Calgary

William Lyon was known for getting advice from his dead mother.

E Archer, NYC

If we admit that all the world is at war permanently, then King's words are good advice. However, often the one who strikes the first blow is considered the aggressor and the first law breaker. But history is written by the victors, so as long as we win, it's OK. ;-)

Dana, Lincoln

yes, it is so much better to let them blow up our ships and embassies and fly airplanes into our buildings. Until Al Qaeda registers their military and declares war, we should just ignore them. I'm sure they will go away then. Or they may lay entire cities to waste. Then we'll have just cause for war.

warren, olathe

Yes Dana. I am sure that it is much better to have Iran's leader (mama imanutjob or what ever his name is) run this country than to have things like the Patriot act. After all the government data mining terrorist communications threaten us all so much more.

Anon, USA
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Anon, USA    10/4/07

The American built Al Qaeda turns on its masters? Come on...You don't really think a bunch of mountain dwelling bedouins got the US Air Force and the NY Air National Gaurd to stand down that day do you? Or that they were able to run all the demolition explosives that brought the towers down? No way...look to the Bush clan for the REAL perpetrators of 9/11. ALL the evidence points to an inside job. Its just too ugly a truth for most people to deal with. And a viscous excuse to invade an oil rich nation.

Jack, Green, OH

Defend your shores, yes; but don't invade a country because you don't like the way it is being run or it MGHT do something you don't like.

Dana, Lincoln

Jack, I agree with you. Except that we didn't invade because we didn't like what they were doing in their own land. We invaded Afghanistan because we didn't like what they were doing on our land, and Iraq because we thought they were helping them accomplish that. The world changed on 9/11. There are two ways to operate now...increase security here, which is going to mean greater monitoring. Or just kill everyone who doesn't agree with us. That isn't very favorable, either. And may still require a bit of monitoring since they are acting within our borders. Anon...all the evidence? Do you watch anything besides Alex Jones? Do you ever wonder why he is alive in this terror regime Bush has built? Have you seen the reports put out by Popular Mechanics and others regarding the 911 "truth?"

warren, olathe

Thanks Dana. Good to see reason. It seems to go out the window in here allot recently.

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    Anonymous    10/7/07

    We invaded Afghanistan because they were dealing with an Argentine Oil Co. over a pipeleine to feed American built power plants in Pakistan. Exxon had a hissy fit and then "coincidentally" the towers were attacked. Read "The Surreal Politics of Premeditated War" The truth shall set us all free....pass it on.

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      Anonymous    10/8/07

      Actually there are Many many many other souces of information other than Alex Jones whom I disregard as too evangelistic. There is NO WAY this isn't an inside job. It saddens me to see that everyone gets their news and opinions from propoganda stations like Fox and CNN....sad sad sad...

      James, toronto

      when was this quote made????

      Scott, Winston

      I absolutely agree with this statement as it is written. If an enemy is already an "enemy", take the War to him and force him to defend. Especially in modern times.


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