Justice William O. DouglasJustice William O. Douglas, (1898-1980), U. S. Supreme Court Justice

Justice William O. Douglas Quote

“These unwritten amenities have been in part responsible for giving our people the feeling of independence and self-confidence, the feeling of creativity. These amenities have dignified the right of dissent and have honored the right to be nonconformists and the right to defy submissiveness. They have encouraged lives of high spirits rather than hushed, suffocating silence.”

Justice William O. DouglasJustice William O. Douglas
~ Justice William O. Douglas

Papachristou v. City of Jacksonville (1972)

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cal, lewisville, tx

He was just another supporter of Earl Warren who believed in passing laws from the bench.

Mike, Norwalk

What unwritten amenities ? cal, and that might be the nicest thing that can truthfully be said of the man.

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    Abby    10/15/12

    not enuff info to comment

    E Archer, NYC

    Slavespeak. Spoken from a statist-authoritarian view. The "feeling of independence"? How about actual independence?


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