William Ralph IngeWilliam Ralph Inge, (1860-1954) English author, Anglican prelate

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“It is useless for the sheep to pass resolutions in favor of vegetarianism while the wolf remains of a different opinion.”

William Ralph IngeWilliam Ralph Inge
~ William Ralph Inge

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Mike, Norwalk

I am laughing out loud, oh so true! It reminds me of the legislators that put up 'No Deer Crossing' signs, fully expecting the deer to obey the law.

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RobertSRQ    9/6/07

Excellent! perhaps those sheep dressed as wolves...

Sam, Alabama

Sorry Mike I don't follow? The deer reference. Isn't it interesting how it fits the scenarios we see in Islamic states that support terrorism the UN (sheep) pass resolutions while the wolves are waiting for the opportune moment to pounce.

E Archer, NYC

Seems fitting that at this moment Americans are clamoring over which lying candidate they will vote for while all the while their choices have already been made for them. Such is the folly of democracy.

Bruce, 'Bama

HeyE. So you know something we don't? Care to say who the choice is or are you saying the choice has been made secretly even though none of us know who it will be? Thus all the polls and voting will be rigged to agree to this secret conspiracy. Of course now that we know it has been rigged since you are telling us it is not a consipracy at all. It is just something we accept year after year like sheep, I get it.

E Archer, NYC

No doubt we will have the choice between a CFR-approved socialist or CFR-approved fascist. Take your pick. Also, all party primaries are governed by the parties themselves -- they decide who gets on the ticket by whatever means they choose. The Constitution says nothing of how parties may choose their candidates -- that's why they can count their votes anyway they like. What law governs how a club will elect their spokesman? A better question is why cannot anyone who is not a tool of either the Repblican or Democratic 'party' get on the ballot? Why do the press completely ignore candidates who are not beholden to these parties? Why are all members of the press and politics members of CFR? Both Clinton and Bush made significant inroads for CFR plans for world government. Check it out -- who formed the CFR? Why? The question ought to be, what do the globalists want? Look to the candidates -- the ones that can do the most to promote the new world order are chosen. I can't imagine that the people would pick another Republican for president (in fact, it looks like they didn't, anyway, but whose counting ...). With all the latest environmentalist nonsense being repeated ad nauseum these days, looks like CFR is preparing us for leftisit rule for a while. GWB is their golden boy, so no matter what he is set for life. Can you imagine Hillary in office? She is very well connected to the globalists and well trained -- she just might pull it off (with a little help from the Chinese). Or they will go with Guiliani who never forgets to repeat the word 'terrorism' (or any of its variations) dozens of times in every interview, debate, speech, etc.. Alright we get it -- enough already.

Mike, Norwalk

Most legislators believe anything / everything they pass is absolute law with a surety that even the elements must obey. Human nature, natural law, or nothing else matters, everything will be as the legislator desire. Whatever resolutions the legislator passes will all ways have the desired result, it is certain because it is the law. By way of example: social security was touted to wipe out most crime, eliminate most poverty, and it would reduce the number of babies born out of wedlock. My reference was wolves won't become vegetarians just because the sheep say they must and, the deer won't stop crossing the road just because a legislator had a sign put up.

Bruce, 'Bama

You are correct Mike, no law is of any effect unless it is enforced. So Support Your Local Sheriff, Border Patrol, and Game Warden. Laws and government are generally benign, in other words we are asked to follow the law "voluntarily" without a cop watching our every move. Most people stop at stop signs though there is no law enforcement in sight. I don't follow you "No Deer Crossing" line of reasoning either. "Deer Crossing" signs are placed to protect motorists and I don't believe they are placed by legislators but by police traffic control and highway departments. I will grant you that these people operate under laws, rules and regulations passed by legislators.

Mike, Norwalk

Bruce, this is a little late but, my reference was to a small town in Northern California (if memory serves) where the city council was complaining about the number of deer that had come down from the mountain and were causing a nuisance. They decided to have signs put up so the deer wouldn't cross on certain parts of the highway.

warren, olathe

cool quote.


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