Col. William Barrett Travis Quote

“Those prepared to give their lives in freedom’s cause, come over to me...”

~ Col. William Barrett Travis

the Alamo, 1836

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Mike, Norwalk

Count me as one of those prepared.

Kimo, H.N.


J Carlton, Calgary

I can't remember who said: "There are worse things than dieing for freedom, and if you are unwilling, you will find out what every one of those things is."

jim k, Austin, Tx

Thank goodness for men like Travis, there aren't many left, especially on the left.

Short Round, Mexico City

He should have followed Houston's orders

GunnyCee, Durham

Well, as George Patton supposedly said, it's not our job to die for our country, it's our job to see that that other SOB dies for HIS country! I'm more on George's side, but it's a nice sentiment.

Byron, Fort Collins

Col. Travis was a real man. What he said is what life ultimately boils down to. I'm gonna be honest and say I am not yet ready to lay down my life for freedom. I know that, in saying this, I am a coward. Hopefully, I will change that sooner rather than later. Also, I know I have plenty of company, since America would not be where she is now were every single American a person of heart like Col. Travis.

Byron, Fort Collins

BTW, off-topic, but the best article I've read about the primrose path to national bankruptcy. Do an online search for: NAPOLEON LINARDATOS The Greek Way of Sorrow How a charismatic politician with the slogan Change launched Greece on the path to ruin

J Carlton, Calgary

Byron, Fidel Castro promised "Change" too...

kj_ca, Roseville, CA

It may come to that. If so, count me in.


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