A History of Money

Rex WilsonRex Wilson

Long ago when men used gold for cash,
many a thieves made off with their stash,
As the savings of both the rich and the poor shrank,
a Mr. Rothschild exploited the concept of the bank,
Most folks thought a communal safe place for their gold quite neat,
they would deposit their gold and were given a receipt,
What happened next is kinda funny,
folks began using their receipts as money,
And the banks well they didn't mind that at all,
because then only one out of every five gold depositors would return to make a withdrawal,
So then when a receipt was written for deposit of gold,
four phoney ones were written that the bankers stole,
Now Rothschild called his fellow bankers to the table,
and said "with such ill-gotten wealth World control we are able,
Rothschild had five sons that he did in fact sire,
so he sent them to other Countries to conspire,
They would loan Governments money as their wealth began to tower,
and since Countries owed them money they gained a lot of power,
American Independence kept us out from under their thumb,
Ben Franklin said a central bank here would be really dumb,
Ben's policy kept us out of debt for over a hundred years,
but in that time most folks forgot about Ben Franklin's fears,
Then America's wealthiest man the head of US Steel,
a J.P. Morgan fell in with the Rothschilds deal,
He was America's most powerfullest man of his day,
most everyone would listen to what he had to say,
Why just him uttering all savings and loans were going to sink,
caused a run on them and put them all under the brink,
So he went out and bought em for just a song,
knowing a central bank here won't be long,
But first he needed his own man in the White House,
New Jersey Governor Woodrow Wilson was just such a mouse,
T'was two nights before Christmas and all through the Senate,
most had gone home but there were a few who didn't,
those few who stayed passed the Federal Reserve Act,
so now with the European banks they had a secret pact,
Out of thin air they printed money to lend,
then lobbied the house and Senate to spend spend spend,
profiting from war was their way of thinking,
most likely they were behind the Lusitania's sinking,
"Here comes America Europe no need to fret,
the Feds they lent us money now we're twenty five billion in debt,"
The League of Nations was next on their plan,
but against that Senator Charles Lindbergh SR. took a strong stand,
So they created a secret behind the scenes World Government organization,
and to this day many Countries are swayed by their Council on Foreign Relations.

by Rex A. Wilson
All rights reserved

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