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Abigail Adams

We subsidize the cheap prices on products from China sold at Walmart...you believe you get a good deal, but you are paying more than at the checkout counter!

Abigail Adams

Unless we get some law and order (remember the US Constitution and Bill of Rights? Remember the Oath of Office each congress person gave?), we are screwed...and it must start at the top, or no one will respect this country, her citizens or her government. Look around you...we are deep trouble. Our president is ruining this country with the help of congress. There are no honorable persons to serve us but 3: Coburn, Flake, Paul. a few (10%) are sorta on your side and the rest are for themselves. REPLACE or you will be a slave to the government... Oh sorry, guess you are already an indentured servant....you work for them until May 5th of every year...and that is going to be lengthed next year...happy with where we are headed? Lets see I think it is called an international collective. That is what will replace your individual liberties...unless you act.

Abigail Adams

Bless you Thomas Jefferson, wish you were here to help.

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