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Alan, mytown, MIAlan, mytown, MI
Alan, mytown, MI

If virtue is only what the majority agrees that it is, and has no absolute value, than the virtue could assume any values, like it did in Nazi Germany. Samual Adams says that a patriot will promote the ideals of Liberty that this country was founded upon. As much as this offends atheists, the personal virtues that Samual Adams lifts up, are the virtues as described by the Judeo-Christian belief system. Without wise and virtuous leaders, the ideals of liberty that this country was founded upon will quickly wither and die and be replaced by a government that does not value the concept that all liberties and freedoms are endowed by our Creator and that the purpose of government is to protect those liberties and freedoms from all internal and external enimies of these ideals. If we choose for ourselves leaders who are not wise and virtuous we are doomed to tyrranical rule.

Alan, mytown, MI

Vain and aspiring men have infiltrated the Federal Judicial System, they cannot be voted out of office, and it is difficult to appoint others to replace them. They no longer are the guardians of our Constitutional Freedoms, but have become the lap-dogs of the Executive Branch. They are unwilling to do their duty as set forth by our founding fathers. In addition, the Courts thwart the legal efforts of patriots to peaceably seek relief from govermental breaches of the US Constitution.

Alan, mytown, MI

I voted for Bush twice, but I now believe that he is just as much a part of the problem as all the rest of the government. These men and women have become focused on how government can better mankind. A laubible focus, but their vision is obscurred by modern beliefs of what government should do for the betterment of mankind. If they instead focused government on the intentions of our founding fathers they would adopt the mantra, " the government that governs less, it the government that governs best"

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