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Anonymous, Chad - Utah

I may be naive, but I wonder if a bloodless revolution in the USA is possible. The mass media can easily paint independent reporters who seek to wake Americans up to the truth about their loss of freedoms as a fringe group of crazed right-wing radicals ... so the vast majority of citizens don't pay attention & stay asleep. If, instead, a plan for new government was proposed, one that reiterated the philosophy of a God-fearing republic; & one that proposed simple but revolutionary solutions to the core problems that currently support corruption in the Federal Gvmt (term limits, campaign finance reform, reform of the Fed Reserve, reform of welfare programs & the IRS code & entire tax code, a 10 yr plan for pulling the federal government out of involvement in our financial, healthcare, and auto industries, etc) ... then tell all currently elected Republican politicians to either get on board & revolutionize the federal government using current means or else we the people along with the military of our nation will oust the current regime & will re-organize the laws of the land to reflect the new plan & hold a new election & start over. If the plan was solid enough, and the 70%+ of our country's citizens who are moderate to conservative could be educated enough to get behind it; and if those serving even in the middle-ranks of our military were behind it (which they would be, philosophically ... if at first, secretly ... until time came for action) ... then I wonder if a signal could come all at once & a coup could occur without much blood shed at all. When the corruption in the goverment is made so clear & plain to every citizen that all of us & all military personell except for those Elite in the highest circles are ready to act as one .... then we could quickly take back this great country & fix the most obvious problems that now enable the corruption of our leaders etc.

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