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“If liberty with law is fire on the hearth, liberty without law is fire on the floor.”

~ George Stillman Hillard

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J Carlton, Calgary

Which is why we Libertarians advocate Personal Freedom coupled with Individual Responsibility. And before Waffler asks the same old question for the 50th time...responsible to a system of justice based upon moral law. (We haven't tried that yet)

E Archer, NYC

Good analogy.

cal, lewisville, tx

J Carlton, as a fellow libertarian I advocate the same as you. It is my hope that Ron Paul can influence the next republican canidate for president and that we can decentralize Washington DC's overwhelming power.

J Carlton, Calgary

cal, RP has had a major influence already, and would have had even more if the main stream didn't fear him so much. Yes, let's hope his Amercan values continue to influence the crooks in DC. and the people who voted for them.

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Anon    3/2/10

Government is a dangerous servant and even more dangeerous a master. paraphrased.

Waffler, Smith

That is why the "free" wild wild west loved it when law came into power and "freed" them from the free wild wild west.

J Carlton, Calgary

Hey Waffler, try some real history instead of Hollywood Stereotypes. In the six years that Dodge City of wild wild west fame was up and running, six and only six men were shot dead. All of them by law enforcement. Now head on back to the tube for some more advanced education...


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