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Bob Wyman, Colorado SpringsBob Wyman, Colorado Springs
Bob Wyman, Colorado Springs

There is no argument or debate. The Second Amendment is clear. The President is sworn to preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution. Bill Clinton is a disgrace to the nation.
When someone says that they are a hunter and they support The Second Amendment they are actually anti-gun. This is a new but more common tactic being used by anti-gun groups. They feel it will not inflame the public and can convince the uninformed. The Second Amendment is not about hunting so why would someone mention that in a discussion? They also say "sensible" gun laws are needed. Well who does not want to be "sensible"? The word is does not define anything except a state of reasoning at a given time. Using those words do they not see that they are implying then that all gun control laws up to now are "senseless"?
It does not matter what type of weapon one has or wants to have, whether it is useful or not to someone else, the Right to Keep and Bear Arms is just that, a Right. Bill Clinton makes no sense and neither does his husband Hillary who stated she liked to duck hunt with her rifle. She thought she could sound like one of the "boys". However it is dangerous and illegal to hunt water fowl with a rifle. Was she then charged with her crime that she so much as admitted?
Free means free.

Bob Wyman, Colorado Springs

It is amazing and infuriating to realize how complex stupidity can be but that is all an intelligent person can understand.

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