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C.C., Coventry, RI

I can agree with "Chicago" here as he makes his point on the Bill of Rights is true; but then that's why we also have added changes to the Bill of Rights that are made within the time lines of our history, hence, we call these changes "Amendments" which are also to protect our rights as citizens. What Samuel Adams meant here is that the government should not prevent the rights of "peaceable citizens" (those citizens who are actually peaceable - don't break the laws written to protect them). Only when there are lawbreakers or an unpeaceable group of people carrying unregistered guns with ammo to use against the rights of others is when the law and the government can step in to take away those rights. These first written Bill of Rights do need to change for the betterment of our turning ides of time because of the constant influx of illegal aliens crossing our borders who don't read nor understand our written laws who think that they can break all of our laws and get away with it are not justified to stay in our country for what they do. If our own Bill of Rights are not protecting us enough, then Amendments to these rights need updating to the current year and every forthcoming years ahead and we need legislation to uphold those Amendments and any other future Amendments for the protection of the American people (excluding any illegals still living in this country who can't read, can't speak English, and can't follow our written laws).

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