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Darth Caedus, land of the free and home of the braveDarth Caedus, land of the free and home of the brave
Darth Caedus, land of the free and home of the brave

i think there needs to be a drastic overhaul of the u.s. government. it is and has been an unconstitutional government since fdr implemented his "new deal" policys. bush's patriot act and obama's health care are just continuations of this line of thinking that fdr started of trading freedoms for security. i agree we need to fight for our freedoms which are being taken away from us by leaders in washington under the guise of security. which is a sham in of it self cause the only security exists from Jehovah. Let me also go on the record and say that before we can do anything in Washington, we need to fix the root problem and that is the apathy most people have towards politics, and the lack of personal responsibility. i agree with obama that health care is out of control. i disagree the government needs to do something about it since it is the government through the way of the courts that made health care so expensive. the majority of the rise in health care cost is malpractice insurance driven by people suing over stupid things. sure there are some legit cases but a majority of lawsuits in any field are frivolous and just show that the person suing has no personal responsibility or understanding that even the best doctor making no mistake things happen which is not accountable to him. that would be like an airplane mechanic changes a prop, a cold snap comes through puts a stress fracture in a blade, plane flies and crashes killing all on board. is it the mechanics fault? that is the same situation with many lawsuits that just show that america needs to wake up learn some personal responsibility and stop blaming everything on washington. washington is just the result. the problem lies with us the masses who let those in washington do what they want without reprisal. i think people forget the power they hold. president not doing what good for the country, dont wait for next election, work on getting him held accountable now. congress passing laws that waste money, raise taxes or any other numerous things that are detrimental to america's economy or political structure, hold them accountable now. if you let it slide till election much will forgotten and the problems will never be fixed. could go on and on but i feel like im rambling now. so wake up america smell the poo and do something about it instead of just whining.

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