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Dave, Atlanta

God, are you people stupid.

Dave, Atlanta

Zeitgeist has great points, but their solution is to give up freedom. Regardless of the pure nature of their model, it opens the door to a central control telling us how to live. The concept of post-scarcity is beautiful though. I have found a solution that preserves freedom and takes us there, it is Capital Homesteading. Also Kudos to Bill Still! Another great source of knowledge. But his solutions gives power to the state, although he definitely wants to keep that power in check. But Capital Homesteading would never give the government that power. Some aspects of the Fed can be good, we just have to change how debt/credit work. Right now it is a burden on everyone except the corporations and rich with considerable investment capital. It is time to put the average citizen in that category without redistribution. Right now we create money when the Fed loans it to banks. It's simple- the Fed should loan money to the citizens at zero percent to create money, who must put it in a retirement account and invest in dividend shares of businesses that pass a feasibility test. OWN OR BE OWNED!

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