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Dorothy Mantooth, San DiegoDorothy Mantooth, San Diego
Dorothy Mantooth, San Diego

@Nick in Fresno: What do you think "Let them take arms" means, anyway? It means guns. What do you think "what signify a few lives lost in a century or two" means? If you bother to read very many quotes of the Founding Fathers, it wouldn't seem so odd to you. They just got done doing this very thing to their own government. I agree very much with a previous sentiment that when the people fear the government, rather than vice versa, it's a pretty good indication of tyranny. Perhaps I'll construct a "liberty alert system" with red, amber, yellow, etc. to easily inform people of the current status of threats on their liberty. I guess I'd have to start with orange being second worst status (and our current status), followed by red (soon to come). I'll worry about the other (less severe) colors when I think we're headed in that direction.

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