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Earl Brinson, Charleston, SCEarl Brinson, Charleston, SC
Earl Brinson, Charleston, SC

I suppose it depends on the point you're trying to make. Since Sir William Berkeley was one of the most educated men of his day, having several degrees from Oxford University including one in law and being a published playright with several of his plays performed before King Charles I, I doubt that he was actually condemning education in general. I would suspect that he was probably lamenting with or without tongue in cheek the use of the written word by people he considered scoundrels furthering their own cause at the expense of his opinion of truth and integrity. Now that may have a ring of ironic truth on this website. I don't think we should comdemn Sir William for eternity simply because he became a little frustrated with his detractors. The five stars reflects my opinion of this quote in the above context. It reminds me of some Winston Churchill quotes. I love the British sense of humor. We should take lessons.

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