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Ericka, NebraskaEricka, Nebraska
Ericka, Nebraska

Yikes, there's so much anger and hurt in these comments. Our government is in a sorry state, indeed. Our citizens are lethargic and apathetic and so consumer driven. I do, however, find that at the core of what America was and is, where perhaps you might find the good characteristics and the hopes and dreams of the Founding Fathers, a hope. We as humans are imperfect, and we fail to listen to one another and rarely ever do we crave perspectives different from our own unless there is an incentive. It is hard to get outside of your comfort zone, but having a well rounding world view-- whether that's small town to big city, America to Britain, 1st world countries to 3rd world countries, we gain more from listening and talking with one another than holding onto hatred and the past. Granted, many of the things done throughout mankind's history has been horrific and unjust, but we can only work on today's behaviors and repair today relationships, not yesterday. I rather like this quote-- despite his personal failings, I enjoy the fact that someone who had such power invited the common man to come to the table and remind the government who put him there. We get lost in power grabs and mazes of 'fair and balanced' information these days-- it's nice to be reminded, especially during a campaign time, that the men our current candidates sometimes say they're trying to follow, encouraged those they represent to be knowledgeable about their country and to actively communicate with those who represent them. It's much easier to encourage the common folk to simply trust and be ignorant and inactive to retain the power. Considering where Jefferson came from-- the power hold of the monarchy lingering over his shoulder...well, I can't help but be a little awed by the bravery of he and the men who helped to found our nation. Faults and all. We have the potential, fellow patriots, we just need a little faith (not necessarily religious faith) in ourselves and each other (and if you believe in God, fantastic, too).

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